Surprising Things That Meghan Markle Has to Quit Now That She’s a Duchess

The royal wedding might be over, but we still can’t get over the craze called Meghan and Harry. Every day social media is posting new pictures and releasing news regarding the happy couple. Today the newlyweds appeared for the first time in public since the wedding on Saturday. Meghan Markle, the new Duchess of Sussex donned a stunning pale pink dress with a fascinator in a matching color.

When she married into the royal family, Meghan Markle had to give up a number of things in her life. We were already aware that her acting career is done, but there are so many other rules that she now has to abide. The Duchess of Sussex might carry a royal title now, but that doesn’t mean that she can live her life just like she did before. Keep reading to find out about all the crazy things Markle has to respect and follow from now on.

No More Selfies

The thing every social media addict can’t live without. We all got used to taking selfies, but Meghan has already said goodbye to them. It turns out that the queen is not a big fan of selfies, so the royal family is not supposed to do these shots. Markle already revealed the news during her first public appearance as the Duchess of Sussex. Today she and her husband attended Prince Charles birthday celebration. Once the crowd asked for selfies, the Duchess had to politely explain she is not allowed to do them. For some, it’s a big deal, but I’m pretty sure you would switch selfies with a prince without a single thought.

Surprising Things That Meghan Markle Has to Quit Now That She’s a Duchess

No More Autographs

If you are a fan of Rachel in Suits you can forget about getting an autograph. The Duchess is not allowed to sign any fan-related thing anymore. It might be only one signature for you, but it’s against royal protocol. Now that she’s a member of the family, Markle has to be very careful. There are a lot of concerns about forged signatures, so the royal rules don’t allow any autograph signing. It’s all in their best interest.

No More Social Media

As we all know, social media has a huge impact on the everyday life. Not a day passes without us scrolling down the Instagram and Facebook feed. Well, that’s not the case for Meghan Markle anymore. The Duchess had to deactivate all her social media profiles once she got engaged to Prince Harry. Before that, the Suits star was very popular on Instagram. She even had her own lifestyle blog, where she shared pictures of her travels. Such a pity.

No More Acting

Once someone marries into the royal family they have to forget about their careers. The Duchess was a part of the extremely popular series Suits, but with the engagement, she also announced that she will no longer be acting. Her character in Suits also got married in the last episode of the season which aired just recently.

Surprising Things That Meghan Markle Has to Quit Now That She’s a Duchess

No More Traveling Alone

Markle can only dream of going somewhere alone. She will be constantly surrounded by security. The Duchess was appointed with extra security ever since she got engaged to Prince Harry. Being a part of a royal family has its perks, but also its disadvantages. They have to be protected at all times, especially during travels. In other words, the Duchess can’t even go to the store by herself. But look on the bright side, she married a prince!


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