No one to Host the Oscars!

A bold move but not unheard of.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences have gone ahead with the idea for this year’s Oscar awards ceremony. It will not feature a single host for the show, instead of going with the idea of having several top Hollywood people to Introduce segments and keep the show going.

The Oscars are the awards given to merit in the film industry. Besides Actor, Actress, and Movie of the year, there are Oscars for Writing, Costumes, design, and many other awards. It is often seen as THE awards for movie magic and the big award to receive since the first awards were given out in 1929.

Originally it was planned to have actor Kevin Hart host this year’s awards. However, Hart made some Twitter posts that were seen as homophobic. When the Twitter posts quickly got attention, Hart himself quit the gig within hours.

There has been a lot of guessing who would host the awards show instead. There has also been talk of the Academy letting Hart host the awards show after all, but Hart has said he is not hosting the awards show at all. With today’s announcement the plan seems to be to let a bunch of different names to introduces segments but not actually host the show at all.

The 11 minutes that ruined Hollywood producer Allan Carr’s career forever

A video of historical importance from 30 years ago: This is the infamous opening song and dance number to the 1989 awards show, with Rob Lowe singing to Snow White, dancing tables and so much more. This bombed so badly that the show’s producer, Allan Carr (who made the movie GREASE) was shunned by Hollywood and never worked again.

The idea of the Oscar Awards telecast going on without a sole host of the event isn’t a new one. The awards show in 1989 was without a host, but people remember the show most for the bizarre segment with an actress playing Snow White and actor Rob Lowe (Just before the allegations of Sexual Misconduct) singing a version of “Pound Mary” in a segment that was consider terrible. So much so that the producer, Hollywood Writer Allan Carr, didn’t write for Hollywood again before he died 10 years later.

Bruce Vilanch on “The 1989 Oscars” with Rob Lowe and Snow White

For his full interview, see

The Oscars have had multiple people acting as hosts as well including 1958 when Bob Hope, Jack Lemmon, Rosalind Russell and Donald Duck (yes THAT Donald Duck!) being the hosts. The 1973 awards had Carol Burnett, Michael Caine, Charlton Heston and Rock Hudson taking turns keeping the show running, and 1987 with Chevy Chase, Goldie Hawn and Paul “Crocodile Dundee” Hogan handling the duties.

This year’s Oscar ceremony takes place on February 24th from the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood. No names have been announced or how much of the show they will be a part of as of yet.

In recent years the show has been accused of being too much and bloated with the show dragging on at points. The producer of this year’s Oscar awards, Donna Gigliotti, has been looking in trimming down the show and possibly having a change in the format of the televised production as a way to keep the telecast lively and to get an audience to keep paying attention as the show goes on. Those close to Gigliotti said she was looking to streamline the show and minimalize the role of host anyway. Another idea that has been rumored is to take the lesser known awards like editing and sound, and put them in a short clipped package instead of airing them on the live broadcast itself.

Whatever actually comes to pass, this awards has a similar hill to climb as most other awards shows do in that the audience is not what it used to be back when there were only three networks on the air. Television institutions like Awards shows and Beuty Pageants are looked at as passe’ by the current generation that has enough cable channels and streaming services to keep their attention. Even if this experient works and the show does get good television ratings, producers have a much bigger battle ahead of them than just having a host for the show or not.

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