Check Out The Most Expensive Celebrity Homes

Celebrities love living a rich and opulent lifestyle. Some of them find ways to spend money on things we couldn’t even imagine. A part of those things is huge estates that feature their homes and so much more. They buy huge locations where they include fitness rooms, multiple pools, outdoor courts and other mindboggling amenities we could never think of. This is the whole beauty of being crazy rich. Today we bring you some of the most expensive celebrity homes you have to read about.


Bill Gates

This one is a given, considering that Bill is among the top three richest people in the world. He might not be a Hollywood star, but he is a famous person. The estimated worth of his house is around $125. It is a huge estate that takes over 66,000 square ft. of land. The mansion is located in Medina. He and his wife are not always in for that opulent life. In spite the fact that Gates is a billionaire, he and Melinda give out a large part of his wealth to charity. They definitely wanted to live a decent life and own a fabulous home. That is why the couple created the amazing 7-bedroom mansion. It also has a staggering number of 24 bathrooms. Aside from that, if you ever visit you will be able to enjoy a gym, outdoor and indoor pools, theater and so much more. All guests get a microchip before they enter the estate. Bill is still such a tech nerd.

Check Out The Most Expensive Celebrity Homes bill gates

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah might not be as rich as Bill Gates, but her estate is almost the same value. Better known as “Promise Land”, Winfrey’s home spans 65 acres of land. It is situated in Montecito, California. This translates to 23,000 square ft. The home features 6 bedrooms and 14 bathrooms. Who needs that many rooms? Well, Oprah obviously! She bought the estate for around $50 million back in 2001. Today the estimated worth is $100. This is one of the most expensive celebrity homes of all times. The popular talk show host is obsessed with horses, so there is a huge stable, barn, riding rings, wine cellar, ponds, courts, pool, her own garden, and a teahouse. Sounds like the real deal.

Check Out The Most Expensive Celebrity Homes oprah

Beyonce And Jay-Z

We can’t imagine Queen B living in a regular mansion. It has to be an amazing one worth $88 million. The singer and her rapper husband bought the estate in 2017, marking the most expensive home purchase in LA of the year. It is located in the popular Bel Air neighborhood. This seems like a small bite for the couple, who is reportedly worth over one billion together. The house takes over 30,000 square ft. of land. Aside from that, there are also several other buildings. Inside, there are 8 bedrooms and 11 bathrooms. Their stunning car collection is situated in a 15-car garage.  Among the other amenities, the property includes 4 pools, a helipad, gym, spa, media room, basketball court, and more. These are just a part of the reasons why this is one of the most expensive celebrity homes of all times.

Check Out The Most Expensive Celebrity Homes beyonce jay z

Hugh Hefner

This is one of the most talked about mansions in the world. The infamous Playboy mansion has been a host of so many events that it’s hard to believe. Hugh sold it in 2016 for a whopping amount of $100. The Playboy bought it way back in 1971 when its worth was only $1.1 million. It features 30 rooms, including a zoo, movie room, courts and more.

Check Out The Most Expensive Celebrity Homes hugh hefner


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