Celebrity Women Who Married Older Men

When it comes to celebrities everything is allowed. And these days nothing surprises me anymore. They say that in love age doesn’t matter. So some of the biggest stars can also confirm that. Have you ever seen a couple where both of the partners look pretty much the same age, but later you find out there is a ten-year difference between them? Well, that is very commonly the case in Hollywood. Celebrities do their best to look amazing and wrinkle-free even at an older age. So it’s usually very hard to guess how old they are. But when it comes to falling in love, all of that falls into the water.

Plenty of power couples have a huge age gap. In the past, it was very popular for male celebrities to wed significantly younger women. These days it’s all about falling in love. Ryan Reynolds might look like he’s only 2-3 years older than Blake Lively, but that’s far from the truth. Check out the list below with our favorite female celebrities who married with significantly older male stars.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Jason Statham

This couple is actually not married, as far as we all know. Rosie recently sparked some rumors of a wedding, once she stepped out wearing a sparkling ring on that finger. But none of the two have confirmed it, so they’re still dating. Statham is, imagine this, 20 years older than the supermodel. These two share a son, that is now a one-year-old.

Celebrity Women Who Married Older Men Jason Statham Rosie Huntington Whiteley

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds

You’ll be surprised to hear that Ryan is 11 years older than Blake. But he still looks like he’s in his 20, so who cares. This gorgeous couple has two young daughters and have been married since 2012. For everyone who follows them on social media, these two are the ultimate couple’s goals. So age difference doesn’t matter after all.

Celebrity Women Who Married Older Men Blake Lively Ryan Reynolds


Behati Prinsloo and Adam Levine

Who would’ve thought that Adam is almost 10 years older than Behati? The Maroon 5 singer dated a number of Victoria’s Secret models through the years before falling for this beauty. The two married back in 2014 in Mexico. Today, they are proud parents of two daughters. Dusty Rose is one and a half years old, while Gio Grace was born in February. It seems that one decade can’t get in the way of love.

Celebrity Women Who Married Older Men Behati Prinsloo Adam Levine


Beyonce and Jay-Z

When it comes to power couples, this one is the ultimate. Bey and Jay are the synonym for success. Many do wonder why she married him, considering the 12-year age gap between them. But the answer is simple, he is one of the most talented people in the industry and age doesn’t mean a thing. The couple was recently involved in a number of speculations when Jay-Z admitted that he cheated on Beyonce. But these two appear more in love than ever. According to the rapper, they really resolved their issues and are extremely happy. The couple shares three kids. Blue Ivy is six years old, while the twins Rumi and Sir were born in June 2017.

Celebrity Women Who Married Older Men Beyonce Jay Z


Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis

Many couldn’t believe that Jason scored Olivia Wilde. But he did. In spite of the nine-year difference, the two actors are the definition of love. Sudeikis met her at a finale party for SNL and instantly hit it off. At that time Olivia was already dating someone else, so Jason tried to keep it cool. In the following months they kept bumping into each other, so once she was free, he decided to ask her out. Today, the couple has two kids. Their son Otis Alexander is three years old, while their daughter Daisy Josephine is one and a half years old.

Celebrity Women Who Married Older Men Olivia Wilde Jason Sudeikis


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