Celebrities You Didn’t Know Had Secret Kids

Celebrities are always under the eye of curious fans and paparazzi. There is rarely a time when they can completely relax and do whatever they want to do. That is the main reason why all of the secrets in Hollywood come out so fast. Pregnancies and engagements are hardly ever kept private. There is always someone who kisses and tells. If not there are so many sources close to the star who are not hesitant in sharing the news. Another big deal among celebrities is infidelity. This is even more interesting when both people in a couple are famous.

There is nothing more exciting than a celebrity couple. Affairs always come up on the surface sooner or later. The most alluring thing is those accusation of stars having children outside of the marriage or as a result of a one night stand. Once the rumor is out, you better believe it’s true. Check out these celebrity secret kids that the world still got to meet in spite of all the secrecy.


Eddie Murphy

Eddie Murphy and Mel B share a kid together. This was kept as a secret for quite a while, mostly because Eddie didn’t want to admit it was his child. Mel was a part of the mega-popular group Spice Girls and was known as Scary Spice. The two got together and were in a relationship for quite a while. Shortly after it all ended, Melanie debuted a baby bump, and the father was nowhere to be found. In December 2006 Eddie was asked about the pregnancy but at that time he was very reluctant on whether he was the father. “I don’t know whose child that is until it comes out and has a blood test. You shouldn’t jump to conclusions, sir.”- he said.

After Mel B. gave birth, Murphy requested a DNA test to prove whether Angel was his or not. On June 22, 2007, Brown’s representative confirmed that the popular actor was the father of the baby. Murphy today has nine kids with five different women. According to the latest news, he hasn’t kept in touch with Angel. Brown’s ex-husband Stephen Belafonte appeared in court to as for custody over Angel. He claims that she’s been calling him dad all these years and he deserves to have parental rights. Mel and Belafonte are currently going through a very turbulent divorce. They were married for 10 years before Scary Spice accused him of abuse.

Celebrities You Didn’t Know Had Secret Kids eddie murphy

Arnold Schwarzenegger

The whole world was shocked to find out that the ex-governor of California and popular actor had a child with his maid. Arnold was married to Kennedy’s niece Maria Shriver right until the day she found out he was unfaithful. And it all happened with no one else but their long-time maid Mildred Baena. Schwarzenegger wasn’t aware of the fact that Mildred gave birth to his son for many years. Once the boy started resembling very much to his father,

Baena decided to tell the actor the whole truth. The most twisted thing about the whole situation is that both Maria and Mildred were pregnant at the same time. Shriver’s youngest son with Arni was born only five days apart with the actor’s lovechild. The news about the infidelity broke out only a day after Schwarzenegger left the office as governor. He had already admitted to his wife at that time, and she had filed for divorce after 25 years of marriage.

“You do think about it every so often. And I can beat myself up as much as I want — it’s not gonna change the situation. So the key thing is, how do you move forward? How do you have a great relationship with your kids? You can’t go back — if I could, in reality, be Terminator, of course, I would go back in time and would say, ‘Arnold . . . no.’ You know, it’s always easy to be smart in hindsight. That’s not the way it works.”- Arnold said during a recent interview.

Today, the bodybuilding legend is trying to patch back the relationship with all of his kids. Joseph is now 20 and looks very much like his handsome father. When he was born, Arnold’s maid registered him on a different last name and convinced her then-husband that the baby was his. She ended up divorcing him. Schwarzenegger even wrote a book called Total Recall that addresses some of his experiences and talks about the affair. He has four other children with Shriver as well. According to press, Arni’s other kids are not very welcoming towards Joseph. They don’t want him present at any family gatherings, although they’ve spent their childhood together. This is not the only time when the legendary bodybuilder was accused of having illegitimate children. According to his biographer, six women came forward with claims that Schwarzenegger has fathered their children. None of the claims have ever been proven.

Celebrities You Didn’t Know Had Secret Kids srnold schwarzenegger

Chuck Norris

The illegitimate daughter of Chuck Norris is just another one of the celebrity secret kids we all found out about. Back in 1963, the actor enjoyed a one-night stand with a lady who became pregnant. She had a baby girl called Dina and kept her father a secret for quite a while. Dina was born in 1964 when Norris was married to his first wife Dianne Holechek. The two were together for more than three decades.

The popular actor found out about his extramarital daughter when she decided to write him a letter at the age of 26. Before that, her mother advised her daughter not to get in touch with Chuck to respect his family life and not to cause any problems. Dina still wrote and sent that letter. The popular star right away flew to see her and established a relationship right away. He has two other kids with Dianne, and the affair didn’t affect their marriage at the moment. They still decided to separate years later. Norris remarried with the beautiful model Gena, who is 23 years younger than him. The couple has two kids, Danielle Kelly and Dakota Alan in 2001.

Celebrities You Didn’t Know Had Secret Kids chuck norris

Hugh Grant


Grant has a rather interesting story concerning his celebrity secret kids. The actor got his first child when he was 51. But that’s not all. He actually got three kids in the span of 15 months. The whole situation was very complicated and interesting for social media. It all happened in 2011, when things got really messy. In September that year, Hugh welcomed his first child with Tinglan Hong. She was a receptionist at a Chinese restaurant and Grant’s fling. The baby is called Tabitha, and Grant’s spokesperson labeled the relationship as a “fleeting affair”.

The following year, Grant was a guest at the Ellen show, where he admitted that he really enjoyed being a father. So much that he managed to have five kids in only seven years. “Everyone was right all these years, saying, ‘Hugh, why don’t you have some children? It changes your life.’ Now that I have [a child], it is life changing. I recommend it. Get some!”- the actor told Ellen.

But that’s not all. In September, the following year, the actor became a father for the second time. The proud mom is Anna Eberstein, a Swedish producer. Shortly after that, he managed to father a third baby. It seems that babies number two and three were in the uterus at approximately the same period of time. It all happened with two different mothers. The mom of the third kid, a baby boy Felix is once again Tinglan Hong. Anna’s son John was born in September 2012, while Felix saw the light of day in December of the same year.

For things to get even more interesting, three years later, the actor is a father once again. He went back to an old love, Anna who gave birth to another kid in December 2015. The couple became parents for the third time earlier this year. It seems that their romance is still going strong. Hugh bought a $2 million house for Tinglan and their two kids. He currently lives with the Swedish producer and three children in London. What a crazy life for a guy who decides to become a father in his fifties. It is definitely not the most classic relationship course we’ve heard of, but Grant is anything but ordinary.

Celebrities You Didn’t Know Had Secret Kids hugh grant

Steven Tyler

Liv Tyler is one of the celebrity secret kids we’ve all heard of. She is the daughter of Aerosmith giant Steven Tyler and Bebe Buell. The word is that Tyler didn’t know he had a daughter for quite a while. Liv also had no idea that the popular singer was actually her father. She thought that Todd Rundgren was her biological dad until the age of eight.

“It’s quite an emotional story, honestly, the whole thing. My mother was very young when she had me and there was a little bit of confusion about where I came from but I was very loved and very well taken care of by all my family, which was wonderful.”- Liv opened up in an interview.

Celebrities You Didn’t Know Had Secret Kids steven tyler


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