Celebrities With Surprisingly High IQ

Celebrities are people just like us. Well, most of them! Have you ever wondered which ones of them graduated in college, or have a master degree? Becoming an actor or singer requires a lot of hard work from an early age, which sometimes is linked to forgetting about regular childhood or going to school. But that doesn’t mean that the stars we see on TV every day are not as smart as the ones that have graduated university. On the contrary, there is a list of celebrities with high IQ, so high that beats all odds. Check out some of your favorite singers, actresses and public faces that have a surprisingly high level of intelligence.

Conan O’Brien- 160

The late-night talk host has a surprising IQ of 160. Talk about smart! Conan is one of the most accomplished comedians, with a Harvard degree. The IQ of 160 makes him an equal with epic names such as Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein. O’Brien’s career has a quite impressive start. When he was in high school, the Irish late-night talk host was an intern for Congressman Robert Drinan. He graduated magna cum laude, from which you can just how smart he is. O’Brien has been responsible for your laughter through his show Conan on TBS. Before that, he was one of the main writers for The Simpsons and Saturday Night Live.

Celebrities With Surprisingly High IQ conan o'brien

Madonna- 140

The queen of pop is another celebrity with high IQ. Madonna was extremely smart even since her first days in school. She really stood out between the other students with amazing grades. She is the sole person responsible for reshaping the pop culture and leaving a strong mark in so many ways. The singer’s behavior is sometimes a bit eccentric, but with great minds comes a certain dose of weirdness. That’s why they are so different and revolutionary. Eventually, Madonna didn’t graduate in college but is worth millions. She’s managed to keep her career going for so many decades, we doubt that it would be possible without such a sharp mind.

Celebrities With Surprisingly High IQ madonna

Nicole Kidman- 132

Aside from being one of the most talented actresses in Hollywood, Nicole Kidman is also one of the smartest ones. The “Big Little Lies” star comes from a family of very bright people. Kidman’s father was a biochemist, while her mom a nursing instructor. Nicole did not graduate in college, but she is today one of the most iconic actresses with many popular movies in her resume. Did you know that this gorgeous actress is another celebrity with high IQ?

Celebrities With Surprisingly High IQ nicole kidman

Matt Damon- 160

Before pursuing an acting career, Matt was a Harvard student. Damon is rated as one of the highest-grossing American actors of all time. Good thing he decided to leave Harvard and follow his dreams. He is an extremely successful screenwriter, philanthropist, and producer also. So far he’s been nominated several times for an Oscar and won numerous other prestigious acknowledgments. Did you know that he wrote the script for Good Will Hunting during an English class as a part of his assignment?

Celebrities With Surprisingly High IQ matt damon

Meryl Streep- 140

You might only know her from her iconic movie roles, but this star has an impressive IQ of 140. Meryl is one of the greatest actresses of our time. She’s starred in a whopping number of movies, most of which are already honored with Oscar. The actress herself has been nominated 20 times and has won an impressive number of 4 Academy Awards. We expect to see many more epic performances in the future.

Celebrities With Surprisingly High IQ meryl streep


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