Bill Cosby Sentenced to Prison

Will serve three to ten years for sexual assault

Bill Cosby, once considered one of America’s most famous comedians will now be spending time behind bars. Cosby was found guilty of Sexual Assault of Andrea Constand. The incident took place in 2004 where Cosby drugged her and assaulted her in his own home.

He was found guilty of the charges and was sentenced after a brief sentencing trial starting on September 24. He was then sentences of 3 to 10 years in prison, a $25,000 fine. as well as having to pay for costs of the Prosecution. It is estimated those costs are over $40,000.

Cosby was well known for his long career in comedy stretching back to the 1960s. His first major role was in 1965 when Cosby starred alongside Robert Culp in the series I Spy as Alexander Scott. The show ran until 1968.  As the decades went on he played a big part in several TV series with Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids and his Picture Pages shorts for Captain Kangeroo. In 1984 he starred in The Cosby Show for NBC that helped revive a failing NBC and helped revitalize the comedy sitcom genre at the time when they were losing the battles against dramatic and action shows. That show ended in 1992 and he went on the star in a revival of the Groucho Marx game show You Bet Your Life. He later starred in Cosby for CBS in the mid-1990s. He also released many comedy albums and starred in multiple movies and other TV shows. He also was a commercial spokesperson for Jello Pudding Pops and Kodak cameras.

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He was won several awards such and Grammys, Golden Globe awards, Emmys, and also received several Honorary Degrees from several colleges. However, as more of his behavior was being told and now with this conviction, many of those degrees have been revoked and scrubbed from history.

He has been rumored for years to also be a sexual predator of women with some stories and accusations dating back to the 60’s. Many accused him of drugging and assaulting women but it was Andrea Constand’s assault that actually brought charges as the Statute of Limitations had passed for many of the incidents he was accused of taking part in.

During the court proceedings in sentencing, the judge in the case declared Cosby to be a “sexually violent predator,” and made it so Cosby will have to attend Counseling meetings for the rest of his life and he is also registered as a sex offender. Cosby is currently 81 years old. As the sentence stands, he could be behind bars until he is in his early 90s.

For the time being Cosby will be held at the Montgomery County Correctional Facility before being moved to a State Prison in Pennsylvania and then possibly moved again as authorities decide where he will be held more permanently. Currently, there is fear that his celebrity status combined with his convictions may make him a target as he is housed in High-Security prisons. Obviously, with a conviction like this, there are also some who do not have as much concern for his safety.

For those that were fans of him or his work. Do not convict yourself. You are not to blame for his misdeeds and the assaults he is in jail for. He is. You, in the role of a fan, did not help perpetuate what he did and if it was known what he was doing for all these years, he wouldn’t have had the fans or the fame he had. Don’t put stress on yourself if you got a smile from one of his works. Be glad that he will not be able to hurt anyone else again.

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