Are people ready for a Hulk Hogan return?

People are calling for him to come back?

In the world of pro wrestling, the name Hulk Hogan still carries a lot of weight. Starting in January 1984, the name Hulk Hogan was the top of the heap of the WWF during the 80’s wrestling boom and the big expansion of pro wrestling into the popular culture. Wrestling and even Hulk Hogan had been around for years before but when he signed the deal to work for Vince McMahon Jr. and was given the top belt the WWF World Title in his first match with his new boss, he was the head person at a time when Vince was expanding his father’s northeastern-based company and taking to worldwide.

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A much younger day

But when Hulk’s first run with the company ended in 1993, it started being said that the company didn’t need him. And it was proven right to a degree. By the later 90’s the company found newer and better fortunes with “The Attitude Era” and the Monday Night /wars. Oddly enough, Hulk himself helped kick off that era while working for Vince’s biggest enemy, WCW and turning into a bad guy and leading the NWO stable. Since WCW went out of business, he has worked for the former WWF (now WWE) as well as the other wrestling Company TNA, as well as the startup company XWF.

But at this point in 2018, there is talk around the press and the internet that Hulk is “Close” to another company comeback. and while a lot of people around the world seem to be drooling of the idea, As a longtime wrestling fan going back to the days of the original WWF Hulkamania run, I think it’s a terrible idea and I’d wish people wouldn’t buy into the idea.

The biggest reason, one that Vince himself tends to avoid, is the time that has passed by. Hulk was born in 1953. He is in his 60’s. His glory days came close to 40 years ago. I’m not one to crap all over a comeback, but when someone is getting into their 60’s, I’m not holding out much hope in the world of professional wrestling. It has happened but not often, let alone to the point to make a performance in the ring wroth actually watching, let alone paying money for.

1987 at it's best!
He’s the champ brother!

Part of the age is his physical health. Hulk isn’t a young man anymore and his body shows it. After decades of using the legdrop as his finisher and just the wear and tear of that much ring wear, he is beaten up. It is being said Hulk has had his knees worked on, and his back is in incredibly bad health, including medically implanted electrolysis. Not exactly the kind of shape you would want to be in for Pro Wrestling. And I won’t get into his admitted past use of steroids to make those “pythons” that big for so long. That stuff has lasting effects and those don’t go away either.

Besides the physical, Hulk himself has a reputation amongst wrestling fans and a carnival barker about himself and what he thinks he can do. Remember this was a guy who once proclaimed that he tried out for Metalica as a bassist until he was shot down by the band itself. He tends to say a lot of things if it makes him look bigger than he is

He also likes to make these kinds of statements to get back with Vince McMahon and be on the Wrestlemania card, or more importantly, MAIN EVENT Wrestlemania and collect that huge paycheck like he did back in the day. Being the top guy at the year’s biggest wrestling event pays a lot of money, and Hulk seems to know that more than a lot. He’s main evented 10 of them, but those days are long gone.

He also tends to say things that don’t curry favor with a lot of people, let alone paying fans nowadays. He’s a Republican and has made it known he is a Trump supporter. Most wrestling fans of the current era aren’t looking for that in their wrestling. The days of the All American Hero crushing Russians, Iranians, Frenchmen, and people from any other country are over. The last thing people remember about him nowadays was talking bad about black people dating his daughter.

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So before you think back to the old days and go look at his past work on YouTube, ask yourself what could he possibly bring to the table now that we haven’t seen before?


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