8 of Queen’s Best Music Videos

8 of the best songs and videos from the masters of their craft.

Queen and it’s music have been around for a long time, their first album arrived in 1973 and even since then they have been producing, writing, and recording music that has become the soundtrack to the lives of many. With the movie, Bohemian Rhapsody out now and doing $473 million in Worldwide sales (and growing) the biopic of lead singer, Freddie Mercury, and the band has brought a lot of new attention to the work of the band and the music they brought.

The movie

So with that in mind here are a look 8 Examples of the audio and the visual of what Queen has produced.

Princes of the Universe

Released in 1986 on the A Kind of Magic album it is better known as the theme song to the Highlander movies and TV show. The video features Queen in a rooftop setting based on the movie as well as clips from the movie itself. It uses the movie without distracting with it or against it. A highlight is the brief sword fight with Freddie Mercury and movie star Chris Lambert.

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Released in 1979 of The Game album. This simple guitar rock song was written as Freddie’s tribute to Elvis Presley. The video is a simple one (compared to the others Queen Have done) of the bad in Black leather and jeans with a little sexual innuendo put in with both sexy girls and guys (and a single motorcycle) joining them.


Release in 1989 from The Miracle Album. This song is a love song and as was explained, started life as multiple songs but was combined to finish the album. The video is memorable as it featured the band performing on a train (dubbed the Miracle Express) and Debbie Leng (Roger Tailor’s then girlfriend) in the black eye makeup has become one of the symbols of the band’s work.

I want to Break Free

Released in 1984 of The Works album. This song has become an anthem of the underprivileged and wanting control of your own outcome. The video is one of Queen’s most adventurous as in a spoof of British daytime soaps, all four members appear in Drag. This then leads to a darker location featuring a dance number. The song is powerful but the video is not one you would ignore either.

Radio Ga Ga

Also released in 1984 from The Works album. The song tells the story of Music Video overtaking radio in popularity at the time with the ode to Radio and wishes it would not disappear. The video featured clips from the 1927 German movie Metropolis intercut with some scenes of Queen, the end of the world, and the band cruising around in a flying car!

These are the Days of our Lives

Released in 1991 as a single as Freddie Mercury was ending his battle with AIDS. The song is a musical look back and enjoying what was accomplished during that time. The video was the last Queen video to feature Mercury before his death. It is shot in Black and White and shows the band performing. As time has passed since it’s release, Freddie last words of “I Still Love You” are considered his way of saying goodbye to his audience one last time.

No-One but You (Only the Good Die Young)

Released in 1998 as both a single as part of the Queen Rocks album. This is the band’s tribute to Freddie after his death in 1991. The song is sung by guitarist Brian May and drummer Roger Taylor and you can hear the emotion in their voices as the video features the three remaining members of the band performing the song in a studio along with clips of Freddie himself. It was not one of Queen’s craziest videos, but it was not meant to be.

Bohemian Rhapsody

First released in 1975 from the A Night at the Opera Album, this is considered Queen’s Magnum opus. The 6 minute Progressive Rock song is one of the most famous rock songs of all time. The video for the song is of the band playing but adds a LOT of effects and was considered way ahead of it’s time for 1975. The song and the video for it show just how over the top Queen could be. Both were later released in 1992 after Mercury’s death and the release of the Wayne’s World movie (Where I first became a fan).


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