5 WTF moments from Wrestlemania 34

As has been written about before on this site, Wrestlemania is the WWE’s most visible showcase. It is an important event that not only focuses the eyes of wrestling fans around the world, but also brings in a lot of new eyes to what the WWE does, and brings in a lot of dollars as well. However, after the 34th installment of the event, a lot of people were just scratching their heads wondering what the heck happened. So here are five moments during the event that just seemed confusing to both new fans and the familiar ones as well.

Augmented Reality

That was a new thing that was added this year. The “Enhanced” entrances that weren’t just what was going on in the Superdome, but were “augmented”. It seemed a little much, but at the same time wasn’t a huge distraction from the show itself. The biggest examples of this being used were entrances for The Miz and Asuka during their matches. But in the end, seemed to add little if anything to those parts of the show, especially for Asuka who was part of one of the best matches of the night. So whatever money they were throwing to add this to the presentation seemed like a waste.

Didn’t that guy have hair a few hours ago?

One of the weirder stories coming out of the event was “low on the card” wrestler Aiden English. He isn’t a big star of the company but has a few people talking about him today thanks to his hair. The operatic voiced character with a notable receding hairline made his first appearance during the show’s early hours in a battle royal, with hair. However a few hours later he appeared again being a cornerman for “The Bulgarian Brute” Rusev… without hair. For some reason, English decided to cut his hair during the show backstage. Not part of any story or character, and it was never mentioned on the show either but many noticed the change.

Did we need to see Cena that much?

Of course big time WWE Star John Cena was going to get a lot of attention, but in the early parts of the show, it was more distracting than anything. His story that night was that he had challenged WWE legend The Undertaker to a match but that Undertaker never answered him back, so Cena became a “Fan” sitting at ringside with a cup of Superdome Arena beer (bizarre in itself since Cena’s intended audience is kids) and the television cameras would make sure to show him at random times during other matches. After the aforementioned Asuka and Charlotte Flair had their amazing match, both were standing in the ring as Cena was told the Undertaker arrived and made it a note to get up and be followed to the back by fans and the camera while both women were still in the ring.

Stephanie McMahon MMA master?

One of the big advertised matches that night was WWE Company Executive “Triple H” and his wife, owner Vince McMahon’s daughter Stephanie McMahon in a wrestling match against WWE Star (and 1996 Olympic wrestling gold medalist) Kurt Angle and Former UFC superstar Rhonda Rousey. Fans knew it was an attention getter and didn’t expect it to be a thriller, but when the nonwrestler McMahon started blocking and countering the UFC fighter’s submission moves, it really stretched the bounds of reality. Yes, it is performance and they are not legitimately trying to hurt each other, but the idea that a nonathlete company executive can break and block a UFC grappler’s favorite move with just a few weeks of training? Sometimes the owning family of the WWE likes to portray themselves better than they are and that was more of what we saw than anything.


Having a massive guy who is nearly 7 feet tall defeat two people (to win titles as well) in a match with only a 10-year-old kid in his corner was also a really bizarre moment. VERY large man Braun Strowman won the right to face the RAW tag team Champions The Bar a few weeks ago but was told he needed a partner. Right before the scheduled match, he said the partner was going to be a member of the crowd. He then selected Nicholas, a 10-year old kid in the crowd. They won. Now, little Nicholas didn’t actually wrestle, but it was still one of the stranger moments of the night.


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