4 Things You Didn’t Know About Kate Middleton To Celebrate Her Birthday

The Duchess of Cambridge, the legendary Kate Middleton just celebrated her 37th birthday. We all know how gorgeous and stylish this lady is. But there are so many unexpected things you probably haven’t even heard of about Kate. All of these will take you by surprise. They show that Middleton is such a normal person and had a life very similar to yours up to a certain point. Being a princess has its perks, doesn’t it?!

Kate Worked As A Part Of The Fashion Industry

Middleton was not born as a princess. The gorgeous wife of Price William once worked in the fashion industry. As you already know, Kate did graduate at university. Very shortly after graduating, the now-princess found a job in retail. It was 2015 when the beauty scored a job as a part-time assistant buyer at Jigsaw. This is a very popular retailer situated in London. This was, of course, a temporary job that lasted less until sometime in 2007. Kate in the meantime got more serious with William, which meant she had to start new endeavours. She is considered to be one of the most fashionable royals, always flaunting the most elegant and trendy outfits. The best thing about Middleton’s style is that she often wears affordable pieces from brands such as Zara which everyone can get.

She Is Related To George Washington

Kate Middleton is a very distant relative of George Washington. He is the first-ever President of the United States. The Duchess of Cambridge and George are cousins, eight times removed. This is definitely a distant connection, but it means that Kate’s roots are not as ordinary as you might think. The common relative of the two is called Sir William Gascoigne. He lived back in the 1800s and died in 1847. Her family might not have been connected to the British royals but they are to the American royalty. Isn’t it amazing to be related to the first President of the United States?

Her Family Is Mega Rich

This was not always the case. Middleton’s mom and dad were actually middle class up until a certain point. Their idea of a new business is what changed the game. Her father Michael was a pilot, while her mom Carol was a flight attendant. That is the time when her family was just like any other in Britain. In the late 1980s, Kate parents decided to start their own business and leave their regular jobs. This turned out to be an amazing decision, which brought the family millions. They debuted a party goods company which transformed them into a high class multi-million worth family. This is the main reason why the Duchess went to exclusive private schools and got the best education she could wish for. She even studied in Italy at a certain point. St. Andrews is the place where Kate met William and fell in love with him.

She Had A Major Crush On William

Kate Middleton knew she liked Prince William way before meeting him. Back in the 90s when she was a girl, the Duchess was obsessed with young William. She even had his posters plastered all over her bedroom walls, can you imagine that? You know what they say, dreams do come true. One of her besties Jessica Hay even told Andrew Morton that Middleton would soon over William so often during high school. She did have other flings but always mentioned that she would choose him over anybody else. And guess what happened? They did meet at St. Andrews and dated shortly after.

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