The Most Expensive Dresses of All Time

Imagine spending millions of dollars on one single dress. Well, some people don’t mind doing it. Some are obsessed with the celebrities that wore it, while others are the celebrities themselves. Designers are always seeking the opportunity to design an opulent creation that tops everything else. The process of making such a stunning gown sometimes involves months of making and the hands of numerous people. High-end designers use the most quality fabrics, diamonds, and precious stones. But in some cases, these dresses are so meaningful for a different reason. Imagine owning a gown that Princess Diana once wore? At that time, it might not have cost so much, but today is a whole fortune. Check out some of the most expensive dresses of all times below.


Marilyn Monroe’s William Travilla Dress

This iconic ensemble dates back to 1955 and it’s still unbeatable. Everyone remembers Marilyn’s infamous subway picture. In this shot, the stunning actress is rocking a white midi creation by William Travilla. At that same exact day, Monroe was attending the premiere of The Seven Year Itch. She loved posing for photographers, so she stood over a subway vent and the air lifted her Travilla white dress in a playful way just in time for the picture. Years later in 2011, this infamous garment was auctioned as a part of Debbie Reynolds event together with over 600 other Hollywood designs. At the end was sold for whopping $4.6 million. Just imagine spending all that money on one single dress.

The Most Expensive Dresses of All Time Mariilyn Monroe

Princess Diana’s Victor Edelstein Dress

This gorgeous black velvet gown was custom made for the Princess in 1985. Diana was attending a White House Dinner hosted by President Reagan. The epic Victor Edelstein gown is also known as “The Travolta Dress” because the Princess danced with John Travolta at the event. It is one of the most-talked-about events and dresses from the 80’s. Everything that Diana did or wore at that time instantly became popular so you can only imagine how many women dreamt about flaunting this Edelstein dress. She auctioned the cult Victor creation in 1997 when a businesswoman bought it for £100,000. Diana donated all the money to charity. The gown was once again auctioned in 2011 and was sold for £240,000.

The Most Expensive Dresses of All Time Princess Diana

Kate Middleton’s Alexander McQueen Wedding Dress

When the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William got engaged, the world went crazy over the details of Kate’s dress right from the start. The designer and the creation were kept a secret. The gorgeous Duchess decided to collaborate with the iconic British fashion house Alexander McQueen for the wedding dress. The brand’s creative director Sarah Burton designed a gorgeous white ensemble that featured a 2.7m train. Since the wedding, there have been so many copies of the dress that’s even hard to believe. The estimated value of the wedding gown is around £250,000.

The Most Expensive Dresses of All Time Kate Middleton

Audrey Hepburn’s Givenchy Dress

Possibly the most iconic dress of all times. The little black dress designer by Monsieur Givenchy himself was sold at stunning $900,000. This dress was specially designed for Audrey from her best friend for the role in the movie Breakfast At Tiffany’s. The French fashion house auctioned for charity back in 2006.

The Most Expensive Dresses of All Time Audrey Hepburn

Nicole Kidman’s Dior Dress

This is the most talked-about Oscar dresses of all times. And it also might be one of the priciest. A young Nicole Kidman attended the 1997 Academy Awards in a stunning mustard yellow gown by the luxury fashion house Dior. It was created by John Galliano, making him the most sought-after designer at the moment. Reportedly, the actress was paid $2 million to wear the mesmerizing gown at the red carpet for the biggest awards event.

The Most Expensive Dresses of All Time Nicole Kidman


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