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    Stuck in an Elevator for how long?

    Firefighters were called to a private townhouse in Manhatten. When they arrived they were directed to the building’s elevator. They pried open the elevator to find a weary woman waiting inside. She told rescuers she had been stuck in the elevator from three days. It seems that the family that owned the house, billionaire investment […] More

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    A Vending Machine of BOOKS!

    An elementary school in Florida is unveiling a new idea of a vending machine on the school grounds. It doesn’t have salty snacks, sugary treats, or cans of juice or soda, but still gets kids and they pump in 50 cents an order. The machine deals out books! The idea came from staff members and […] More

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    The Travels of Mikey Chen

    I’m a big Youtube watcher. I can spend hours watching videos or keeping up with different channel and I will be a happy boy for the day. I find it is a great form of entertainment when you aren’t as much of a slave to the schedule of TV networks or DVR recordings that you […] More

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