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    NASA Goes where humans have never gone before

    The fine people at NASA, the people who look over space related things, have just received a signal back from the farthest point Humans has gone in space. It could be said NASA has reached New Horizons. The signal comes back from the New Horizons spacecraft. The small satellite object sent it from Ultima Thule, […] More

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    These Are The Top Five Cleanest Cities In The World

    No one likes living in dirt and pollution. But the thing is that some countries go to quite the extent to keep their streets super-clean. These are the top cleanest cities in the world, where you’d definitely want to move to. They are all strictly regulated with laws and have found amazing ways to deal […] More

  • Most Popular Ski Resorts In The World 4 whistler
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    Most Popular Ski Resorts In The World

    Winter is the time when all we want to do is cuddle up next to the fireplace and drink some tea. The whole beauty of this season is watching the snow and sometimes even having fun outside. All the passionate skiers will love to hear which are the most popular ski resorts in the world […] More

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    The Travels of Mikey Chen

    I’m a big Youtube watcher. I can spend hours watching videos or keeping up with different channel and I will be a happy boy for the day. I find it is a great form of entertainment when you aren’t as much of a slave to the schedule of TV networks or DVR recordings that you […] More

  • Stunning Waterfront Cities You Have To Visit amsterdam

    Stunning Waterfront Cities You Have To Visit

    Traveling is the best investment in life. The world is full of so many magical places, so don’t think twice before booking a ticket. If you are a huge lover of waterfront cities, in today’s travel piece we decided to cover some of the most beautiful locations in the world. Some are in Europe, others […] More

  • The Craziest Airports In The World princess juliana
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    The Craziest Airports In The World

    Frequent travelers appreciate a good airport. It doesn’t have to be huge as long as it has what you need. There are so many different ones in the world, some big others tiny. There is also another group that doesn’t qualify in any of these categories. They are so interesting that you simply have to […] More

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    Amazing Yet Frugal Summer Staycation Ideas

    Staycation is a word that was coined in the recession of 2007-2010, and grew in popularity out of the UK that basically means a frugal way of vacationing close to your home, taking a trip to a neighboring city or just simply getting creative of how your family spends their free time. With the unemployment […] More

  • The Most Dangerous Roads In The World (3) north yungas road

    The Most Dangerous Roads In The World

    The world is such an amazing place. It features so many amazing places, most of which we will never even get to visit. In today’s travel edition we rounded up some of the most dangerous roads ever. Adventurers will be obsessed with all of the picks. You will be scared just by looking at these […] More

  • 5 Most Beautiful Libraries In The World dublin lbrary
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    5 Most Beautiful Libraries In The World

    There is one thing that connects book and architecture lovers. That is also known as a library. There are so many opulent, stunning libraries all around the planet that will take your breath away. All these buildings date from way back and are characterized by unique architecture. If you are a book obsessive, who also […] More

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