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    NASA Goes where humans have never gone before

    The fine people at NASA, the people who look over space related things, have just received a signal back from the farthest point Humans has gone in space. It could be said NASA has reached New Horizons. The signal comes back from the New Horizons spacecraft. The small satellite object sent it from Ultima Thule, […] More

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    Why You Need to Learn About Chatbots?

      Chatbots are going to take over the world. Okay, so that is a little bit drastic – they are not set to wrest control from their human counterparts anytime soon. It would be more appropriate to say that they are going to take over the world of customer service.   While there are going […] More

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    Facebook and Instagram suffer Downtime

    In one of those things that doesn’t jeopardize anyone’s life (Hopefully!) but can be a pain in the butt to a lot of people, social media sites Facebook and Instagram were having issues Tuesday morning. The troubles seem to have both sites experiencing slow lag times and for some not even loading at all. Many […] More

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    Youtube goes down worldwide

    Both fans of and Creators on the popular video sharing site Youtube were in for a rough couple of hours on October 16th when the website was out of commision for a couple of hours. There wasn’t a lot of panic by those who produce videos, but there was a number of people to make […] More

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    WHAT Turned Off The Power?!?

    This time of year makes it tough for people in certain parts of the US. On the west coast you will have a lot of big forest fires that crews are fighting, The Carolinas on the east coast are just getting over Hurricane Florence and the flooding that combined to effect a lot of lives, […] More

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    Solving one of those Mental Mysteries

    Memories are a big part of life. Mental Mysteries from memories can linger even more. Those little things in life that we just can’t explain or find the all the answers to. Either we are too young, too distracted, or any number of reasons that make us all go “I don’t know the details but…” […] More

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