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    Solving one of those Mental Mysteries

    Memories are a big part of life. Mental Mysteries from memories can linger even more. Those little things in life that we just can’t explain or find the all the answers to. Either we are too young, too distracted, or any number of reasons that make us all go “I don’t know the details but…” […] More

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    Remember VHS?

    I was digging around in my closet trying to get out the Window Air Conditioner and lo and behold three of these fell out after being buried for who knows how long. Remember VHS? It got me thinking, VHS tapes are a big thing from my generation. They started in the 70’s but it wasn’t until […] More

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    10 Reasons Why Students Fail in High School

    Failure is the cause of a large number of mental and psychological problems in the human world. Especially when we talk about the academic sector, pupils are required to pass a large number of examinations; tests and assignments for proving their intellect and learning capabilities. But do students fail deliberately? The answer will be no […] More

  • The Impact of Cryptocurrency on Small Businesses
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    The Impact of Cryptocurrency on Small Businesses

    Seldom has there been a buzzword that caused such a stir like cryptocurrency has. Indeed, it does sound too geeky to the layman’s ears but internet users of the 21st century are well aware of the significance of cryptocurrencies. However, being inseparably linked to finances, cryptos inevitably led to one important question: How will they […] More

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    Better Batteries Will Be Needed For The Next Level Of Innovation

    The reason why batteries are slowing down technological advancement is that they tend to prevent devices from remaining charged for a significant amount of time. For instance, smartphones often will only remain charged for a day or two. Laptops may remain charged for several hours. While technology is advancing rapidly, most of today’s technologies use […] More

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    How Technology Has Transformed the Modern Office

    Today’s office looks nothing like the office of twenty years ago. These changes have come not only in the design and setup of the office but in the equipment and technology that is used as well. Today’s technology advances at a greater speed than any other time in history. It is safe to say that […] More

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