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    The Weekly News Round Up

    Welcome readers to another Friday here at The Nacho and another Weekly News Wrap up of stories around the ‘net. It’s the middle of July so hope most of you reading this have found ways to beat the summer heat! ‘Little People, Big World’ star Jeremy Roloff quitting show When “Little People, Big World” first […] More

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    With much of the world’s attention right now devoted to soccer right now, you can not forget the annual sports event that happens every summer, Tennis’s Wimbledon. The event is a series of tennis Tournaments that happen every July, and they get Television and sports coverage, even if it has been taking back seat to […] More

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    Why Soccer isn’t as big in America?

    Soccer. For us in the US, it’s one of those sports. Sure, almost everyone knows what it is, and a lot reading this played it in some form as a youngster, But being realistic, it’s following at a professional level is not nearly that of other big name sports like American Style Football, Hockey, Basketball, […] More

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    What to do about the Washington Redskins?

    It’s a visible problem that plagues the NFL today. Sure there is protests, fan disinterest, and the looming XFL relaunch, but for a long time people have complained about the name and identity of Washington D.C.’s football team, the Washington Redskins. The team has been around since the early 30’s and has done its fair […] More

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    The Figure in Figure Skating

    With the 2018 Winter Olympics now in the rearview mirror, there is a lot to look back on. No matter the sport, there are a lot of moments that will be remembered, as they are every year with the summer and winter games. One of the main attractions for the winter games that have provided […] More

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