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    The Weekly News Round Up for October 12

    Hello Nacho Readers! It’s Friday so it is time again for a Weekly Round Up of news found on the internet! There is some wild stuff going on out there, so let’s take a look. Hurricane Michael leaves two dead, officials worry number could rise With two people killed in the most powerful storm to […] More

  • The Greatest Accidental Inventions Of All Times coca cola

    The Greatest Accidental Inventions Of All Times

    There are so many things we use and get in touch with during the everyday life. But have you ever thought of how everything around us was invented? How did actually our ancestors find the meaning of objects and items? Some of the inventions were planned and people spent a lot of time trying to […] More

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    Those pictures came from Earth?

    It’s pretty awesome we live in an age where we as humans can take really awesome pictures of other planets that are farther away then our minds can really comprehend. If you go back, a lot of the pictures of other planets and stuff in space were usually the work of satellites far above our […] More

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    A Timeline of Stephen Hawking's Life (R.I.P.)

    One of the biggest names in physics and cosmology history has passed away today at age 76. His theories on black hole physics, quantum physics and other mathematical and astrological aspects have inspired many to explore the cosmos and learn something more about an otherwise unpopular subject.  Although he was diagnosed with ALS at the […] More

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