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    15 Tips How Not to be a Toxic Person

    Many people face a lot of different situations in their lives. Stressful times and continuous bad experiences can make a person quite nervous and negative as that can affect their relationships with other people and make them appear as toxic. If you find that you find yourself in situations where your emotions are getting the […] More

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    Thanksgiving and what you make of it.

    It is late November and for us in the United States, it is time for Thanksgiving. That time of year where we are blasted with images of native Americans and pilgrims sharing large tables filled with all kinds of food and cooked Turkey. And a lot of that is more for show and presentation than […] More

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    What Should A First Date Restaurant Be Like

    Are you going on a first date? You already know how much that cost you to make happen and maybe the stress that was accompanying the whole ordeal. Now, all you have to do is prepare thing for the date itself. We’ll leave the costumes to you, but here are some factors that you can […] More

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    The Importance of Saying I Love You and How to Do It

    There’s no doubt about it, it’s always nice to hear those three little words “I love you.”  Sometimes when we are in a relationship for a long time we forget to say those words to our loved ones.  There is no doubt that saying “I love you” is important.  It makes you and your partner […] More

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    Remembering Anniversaries

    It is a common misconception that the man in the relationship is forgetful of anniversaries.  While many men might, woman can be forgetful too.  Some men are good at remembering things, but this is for the forgetful people: men and women. Anniversaries to Remember Of course, everyone has an anniversary of the day they met […] More

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    How to Use Good Communication in Your Relationship

    Communication is an excellent skill to have.  It can help in all kinds of different areas of your life such as employment, parenting, and relationships.  Some harbor the misconception that communicating in a relationship is different then in other areas of life.  In actuality, it is pretty much the same.  We are so close to […] More

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    How to Find a Relationship Online: For Free

    You are tired of being single and decide that you are ready to put the time and effort into finding that special someone.  Your friends don’t really have any options available to you and you don’t want to go to a bar where you might find someone sleazy.  You decide that you might want to […] More

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    Rushing into Relationships Isn't a Good Idea

    Rushing into relationships isn’t always a good idea. You didn’t take the time to learn the other persons personality. Did you even figure out what you want out of a relationship before you rushed in one? Maybe you did and everything worked out fine.  Let’s think about the bad outcome like things didn’t work out. […] More

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    Hayliee Marie back again???

    Snoqualime, WA 8:24pm We thought we’d seen the last of her, but is Twin Peaks’ missing teen back safely? Believe it or not, but Hayliee was recently reported to be back at Twin Peaks Cafe, and looking a lot better than before. Hayliee was last spotted going into a drug and alcohol assessment clinic in […] More

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