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    Time Names its Person of the Year

    It has become a tradition that at the end of every year, Time Magazine names its “Person of the year” and gives them a cover. This year’s “Person of the year” was several members of the news media with Jamal Khashoggi, Maria Ressa, Wa Lone, Kyaw Soe Oo and staff of the Capital Gazette getting […] More

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    Kylie Jenner and that Forbes Cover

    It’s the kind of news that gets around on news sites and other places. The news was the Kylie Jenner is on the cover for Forbes Magazine and is labeled a “Self Made” Millionaires while she isn’t far off from reaching her first billion dollars The reaction hasn’t been that great either. But you know […] More

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    The New Fallout E3 Presentation

    It’s that time again as Early June brings us the E3 Electronics and gaming conference. And with E3 comes the presentations from developers all around the world of the new stuff they have to offer fans and show the public what they have in store for the coming year and beyond. One of the big […] More

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    The Weekly News Round Up

    Hello and welcome to what is the first of a weekly round-up of different stories from around the web that are making the news. It’s new experiment and bound to change a lot as time goes on, so let’s see what happens. So let’s see what’s happening in the world! In probably the biggest of […] More

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    YOUniversityTV Relaunches as Tasty New Website Called It’s Nacho

    Wellington, FL – YOUniversityTV, the nation’s leading producer of video tours for hundreds of top colleges, has gone into the kitchen to mix up a delicious, new recipe. The newly branded It’s Nacho is a variety of bite-sized, delicious, shareable content; catering to a college and college-bound audience. Adding to their exclusive college video tours […] More