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    How to Keep Your Children Occupied

    Parents are busy.  They must make sure to keep tabs on their children at all times.  When the children are babies there is constant monitoring to make sure the child is not hungry, doesn’t have a dirty diaper, and is getting adequate sleep; among many other things.  As the child grows older some of the […] More

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    10 Best Ever! Fun Historical Fact Books for Kids

    Originally published in 1998, these fun books for kids offer bizarre facts, quirky characters and a creative format sure to appeal to primary school aged readers. There are many historical periods and legends that hold an enduring fascination for modern audiences. Roman and Greek mythology, Bible stories, the legend of King Arthur, Shakespeare’s England, Celtic […] More

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    10 Celebrities Who Were Teen Parents

    Teen pregnancies have a reputation for throwing a wrench into the lives of the parents. These celebrities probably weren’t expecting to have kids at such a young age. List: 10. Solange Knowles 9. Jamie Lynn Spears 8. Niki Taylor 7. Whoopi Goldberg 6. Naomi Judd 5. LeBron James 4. Sofia Vergara 3. Lil Wayne 2. […] More

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    The Pros and Cons of Teen Pregnancies

    Teens are becoming more and more sexually active these days. This increases the risk of contracting STD’s and also unwanted pregnancies. Some teenagers are aware of the consequences of having unprotected sex and some are not. Then there are those who want to have a baby and those who don’t want one but end up […] More