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    Court Rules that You Can’t legally Change Your Age

    Every so often a court case comes around that gets everyone’s attention. It is shared in news outlets around the globe and catches a lot of people’s attention to the details. It could be something serious like the trial of OJ Simpson or something like the Lawsuit over Hot Coffee from a McDonald’s. This one […] More

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    Ideal Gifts for the Upcoming Holiday Season

    Finding the ideal gift for a loved one or a friend is challenging. Unless you’re highly attuned to their exact tastes, you want to pick a gift that is useful, fun or quirky. Doing so allows you to avoid misjudging what they’d prefer in a new outfit or something else that’s quite personal and all […] More

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    Why Millennials Are Buying Fewer Cars Than Older Generations

    Cars have long played a significant social and economic role. The benefits of car ownership are many – driver’s feelings of independence and freedom probably being among the top ones. However, we’re witnessing a slow, yet steady decline in new driver license. This seems to be a global trend – it’s not restricted to certain […] More

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    Some Running Jokes From Old School Gaming

    A big part of popular culture presently is the gamers. The video game culture has become a big part of what is considered “normal” in this day and age. But while present-day jokes have their mass appeal when things get mentioned. The gaming generation goes back decades and has running jokes and gags of their […] More

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    Having Hope

    Having hope in what you do and confidence that it is something you can accomplish. Not if whatever you set your mind to will be hard, but the idea that you can do it no matter what. Maybe that is a feeling that is lacking around a lot. A lot just do not have hope […] More

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    Remember VHS?

    I was digging around in my closet trying to get out the Window Air Conditioner and lo and behold three of these fell out after being buried for who knows how long. Remember VHS? It got me thinking, VHS tapes are a big thing from my generation. They started in the 70’s but it wasn’t until […] More

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    Little Toy Cars

    It is something a lot of kids have growing up. Either they had one or two, or a big whole collection full of them. They are still found in toy aisles today and have been there for generations. Little toy cars. Either you knew someone who had them or had them yourself. The generation before […] More

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    Why Soccer isn’t as big in America?

    Soccer. For us in the US, it’s one of those sports. Sure, almost everyone knows what it is, and a lot reading this played it in some form as a youngster, But being realistic, it’s following at a professional level is not nearly that of other big name sports like American Style Football, Hockey, Basketball, […] More

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    Is Fallout trying to squash creativity?

    With the news that the next Fallout game on its way this November, it got me thinking. While what is included in the game is a highlight for many players, I get jazzed on what the players actually create for themselves. Be it new weapons, new characters, new ways those characters look, new questions, or […] More

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