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    Remember VHS?

    I was digging around in my closet trying to get out the Window Air Conditioner and lo and behold three of these fell out after being buried for who knows how long. Remember VHS? It got me thinking, VHS tapes are a big thing from my generation. They started in the 70’s but it wasn’t until […] More

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    Little Toy Cars

    It is something a lot of kids have growing up. Either they had one or two, or a big whole collection full of them. They are still found in toy aisles today and have been there for generations. Little toy cars. Either you knew someone who had them or had them yourself. The generation before […] More

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    The Movie Announcement We all Saw Coming

    It finally has come upon us. The secret movie that most people saw coming has released it’s first movie poster. It’s the Lego Movie 2. It’s scheduled for release in 2/8/2019. I know, not the biggest surprise you have been made aware of. Anyone even vaguely familiar with The Lego Movie knew a sequel was […] More

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    Will Roseanne be leaving her own show?

    The fallout from Roseanne’s firing from her own reboot keeps on going as a new wrinkle seems to have developed. Roseanne was the star of her latest attempt on TV. Despite the fact the comedian is known in part for making racist and controversial tweets on her twitter,  empowered by President Trump and his politics. […] More

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    G.I. Joe Figures that I actually like

    With every person who has a collection of some sort, there is some good and some bad. They still collect them but some items get a little more love than others, Different things, different memories, even different ways of obtaining the items. All can make for their own feelings for the collector. A while back […] More

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    Roseanne’s Show gets Cancelled

    It was kind of expected, and the news finally arriving is either going to be good or bad to those who watch or made it a point not to, but Roseanne’s reboot of her old TV show has been given the ax after only two months. The show was relaunched earlier this year bringing the […] More

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