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  • Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood Preview

    Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood Preview

    Caster DPS Role Actions : Red Mage,  Black Mage, Summoner Range DPS Role Actions: Bard, Machinist Melee DPS Role Actions: Samurai, Monk, Dragoon, Ninja Tanks Role Actions: Paladin, Dark Night, […] More

  • video games to watch

    10 Video Games to Watch in 2017

    A scene from the game ‘Cuphead.’(Photo: Microsoft) It’s a new year, which means new video games to stoke our excitement. This year, we also get two more home consoles, Nintendo’s […] More

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    Best Gaming Laptops You Can Buy

    Since time immemorial, gamers have demanded the best performance from their computers. If it weren’t for gamers, the state of the art surely wouldn’t be the same and there’s no […] More

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