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    TSU Football Player Rushed to Surgery after Head Injury

    College Football linebacker Christion Abercrombie was taken to Vanderbilt Medical Center after suffering what appears to be a head injury during the football game between Abercrombie’s Tennessee State Tigers and the local Vanderbilt Commodores. It was said the injury occurred sometime before halftime on Saturday. Tennessee State head coach Rod Reed said that “He came […] More

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    Solving one of those Mental Mysteries

    Memories are a big part of life. Mental Mysteries from memories can linger even more. Those little things in life that we just can’t explain or find the all the answers to. Either we are too young, too distracted, or any number of reasons that make us all go “I don’t know the details but…” […] More

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    Some Running Jokes From Old School Gaming

    A big part of popular culture presently is the gamers. The video game culture has become a big part of what is considered “normal” in this day and age. But while present-day jokes have their mass appeal when things get mentioned. The gaming generation goes back decades and has running jokes and gags of their […] More

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    Why do people watch Game Playthrough Videos?

    It is something many of us gamers like to watch. Places like YouTube have been hosting them for years. Video game Playthrough videos. They don’t make a lot of sense to many people, but there is an audience to just sit there and watch videos of other people playing video games. Why? There doesn’t appear […] More

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    With much of the world’s attention right now devoted to soccer right now, you can not forget the annual sports event that happens every summer, Tennis’s Wimbledon. The event is a series of tennis Tournaments that happen every July, and they get Television and sports coverage, even if it has been taking back seat to […] More

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    Weekly News Round Up!

    Hello, again readers. It’s the end of a heck of a week so I have a bunch of links and news stories for you to check over.   Police Release Official Report About Shinsuke Nakamura’s Dog Bite | 411MANIA As we previously reported, Shinsuke Nakamura was pulled from this past Tuesday’s Smackdown Live because he […] More

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