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    The Movie Announcement We all Saw Coming

    It finally has come upon us. The secret movie that most people saw coming has released it’s first movie poster. It’s the Lego Movie 2. It’s scheduled for release in 2/8/2019. I know, not the biggest surprise you have been made aware of. Anyone even vaguely familiar with The Lego Movie knew a sequel was […] More

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    Red Dead Redemption’s Sequel Announced

    It seems like a long time ago I was first told about this Western game for my Xbox 360 called Red Dead Redemption. It was explained to me that it was a lot like an old west version of Grand Theft Auto. It had a large map and a sprawling space, but it was not […] More

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    Believing in my Fandom

    I don’t follow a huge amount of TV. I have no idea what goes on in many of the latest shows on any platform. I admit it and do not apologize. Most of what I follow are either Japanese, animated, or both. I don’t have anything against shows that the geekier side of life is […] More

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    The Crazy Youtube World of Mike Jeavons

    The internet is full of people who give their opinions. It is what helps make the internet what it is, for better or worse. No matter the subject, there always seems to be a voice liking or disliking something everywhere you turn. But in that lies education to make decisions of your own. Is this […] More

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    20 Hilarious Tweets That Will Instantly Make Your Day Better

    There’s more jobs in Canada’s beer industry than in the oil sands. I demand a beer pipeline! #InternationalBeerDay #cdnpoli #FridayFeeling — Meanwhile in Canada (@MeanwhileinCana) August 4, 2017 Trojan’s next commercial should just be a guy saying “See?” while pointing at my kids when they’re fighting over a cookie. — Father Drinks McGee (@drinksmcgee) […] More

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