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    Vagina Wigs are Here and I'm Not Sure How to Feel

    New York Fashion Week has ended recently and we saw what the upcoming trends are and what we can ( or can not) expect from the fashion world the next season. There were some amazing creations (some more than others), but one designer stood out from the others. This designer presented us with something no […] More

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    Winter Styling

    Winter styling gives us the opportunity to create many different outfit options…including those which can dramatically change the entire look by using accessories.  In my mind I love nothing better than wearing a great hat, some funky boots or a scarf with an otherwise simple outfit.  The options are quite frankly limitless, and give us […] More

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    Make a Choice…

                                  “The smile is every Woman’s sexiest curve.” I  have always been someone that likes to be in control of myself, my destiny and my surroundings…unfortunately when you have a husband and kids, work a full time job and have life […] More

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    Femininity is Key…

    “Femininity is the ultimate form of sophistication.” As I was growing up I was always a Tom Boy! Instead of a baby-doll I had a Go Cart, I like to climb trees and play with Lego. Now that I am grown up I still love cars, and because I have 4 boys, I pretty much […] More

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    Fall Color Combinations

    Just as the seasons change, so do the colors of clothes available in stores.  Yes, you will always be able to find your trusted colors such as black, brown, grey and navy, but there are a whole new set of hues to keep things fresh.  A lot of the colors that appear in the fall […] More

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    Where does Confidence come from?

    As little children we are bold enough to not let the fact that we fall while we are learning to walk stop us from feeling good about ourselves, or if we get words wrong as we learn to speak it doesn’t phase us because we know we will figure it out…so why then, as we […] More

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