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    A Vending Machine of BOOKS!

    An elementary school in Florida is unveiling a new idea of a vending machine on the school grounds. It doesn’t have salty snacks, sugary treats, or cans of juice or soda, but still gets kids and they pump in 50 cents an order. The machine deals out books! The idea came from staff members and […] More

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    Youtube bans dangerous Challenge and Prank videos.

    Social media site Youtube has updated its Terms of Use slightly by adding in a new rule that bans dangerous prank or challenge videos that put peoples lives in jeopardy. This was done to cut down on people getting hurt, or worse, after copying what they had seen in such videos. Videos include such examples […] More

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    No one to Host the Oscars!

    The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences have gone ahead with the idea for this year’s Oscar awards ceremony. It will not feature a single host for the show, instead of going with the idea of having several top Hollywood people to Introduce segments and keep the show going. The Oscars are the awards given […] More

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