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    The Top Best-Selling Albums Of All Times

    There are those iconic music artists in history that will always stay remembered. The proof of their geniality is selling millions of albums throughout their career. Have you ever wondered which singer or group managed to release the best-selling albums of all times? Your mind probably first thinks of the legendary Michael Jackson and his […] More

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    Last Blockbuster video gets its own beer!

    Any of you out there remember Blockbuster? That was the national chain of video rental stores that was once a big part of the market and it seemed like those stores were EVERYWHERE. They were meant to be the replacement for the small mom and pop places you would go to. You’d get a copy […] More

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    MTV still hold the VMAs?

    MTV makes headlines a couple of times a year. Headlines go out everywhere like something actually happens. But within days it is pretty much forgotten about until it reminded what has happened in the years gone by and that more will happen again so tune in. The MTV Video Music Awards makes lots of noise […] More

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    This is a big line to wait in

    Waiting in line. Something EVERYONE has been through in some form or fashion in life. No matter how old or young, you got to wait in line for something. Standing there and moving ahead one step at a time is not a fun experience. If you happen to be around other people to make the […] More

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