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    Restoring those Little Toy Cars

    A little while ago Nacho carried an article about those little toy cars that EVERYONE either had or knew someone that had a collection of them, especially as a kid. Recently I found something that takes that one step further in RESTORING older metal toy cars. These have seen better days and need a little […] More

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    Some Ideas for Editing Written Work

    It is a part of the wring process. It is the part that a lot of people don’t like. It is also a part of the writing process that is very important and has to be done or whatever you are trying to write comes out like crap. With a lot of work being done […] More

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    Making a kitchen knife out of WHAT?!?

    There is a lot to be said for being able to craft something. Making something yourself takes some skill, talent, time, and practice. No matter what it is you can use your skill and talent to craft something amazing. There is also respect to be given if you can make something starting from out of […] More

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    Five Cool Things To Do with Bamboo Material

    Bamboo stem material has a calm color tone that blends well with its smooth, natural texture. The material is also flexible in nature, and highly durable. As such, bamboo stems can be fashioned into various bespoke items. From large tubular stems to delicate small sticks, this beautiful organic material can fit well into the design […] More

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    Kylie Jenner and that Forbes Cover

    It’s the kind of news that gets around on news sites and other places. The news was the Kylie Jenner is on the cover for Forbes Magazine and is labeled a “Self Made” Millionaires while she isn’t far off from reaching her first billion dollars The reaction hasn’t been that great either. But you know […] More

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    What to do with leftovers?

    July the 4th means food for many of us. The traditions of the day are usually outdoor BBQ type stuff. Usually grilled meats of hotdogs and Hamburgers. But, like most holidays that have a big element of food, there are going to be leftovers. And faced with those leftovers, people get stumped as to what […] More

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    Favorite Mods to Fallout 4

    With E3 ending on a happy note, speculation begins now on WHEN is stuff coming out, instead if just What is coming out. As I covered before, the Bethesda massive hit game Fallout will be introducing it’s successor Fallout 76 later this November. I am a huge Fallout fan going back to Fallout 3 and […] More

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    Killing Time By Looking Back Through It

    Sometimes you just have to take a break. Whether you have to sit at a computer for work, studying, or whatever else, your brain sometimes needs to shift gears and take a load off what you are thinking about. There are many things to divert your time and attention away but one of my favorites […] More

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