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    Thanksgiving and what you make of it.

    It is late November and for us in the United States, it is time for Thanksgiving. That time of year where we are blasted with images of native Americans and pilgrims sharing large tables filled with all kinds of food and cooked Turkey. And a lot of that is more for show and presentation than […] More

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    The Feeling of Rejection in Freelance Writing

    With some people, there is an allure to being a freelance writer. Getting paid to write about things and send them out to different places who are interested in your work. Not being completely tied down to one singles boss and having freedom in what you create. Sounds pretty cool right? There is also a […] More

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    Plastic Smocks and Masks

    It is that time of year again, as the day of Halloween not only gives us an excuse to eat candy treats, and do it on sale, but it is also the reason to get dressed up and go around the neighborhood in costume! Nowadays, I’m a little older and I’ve gone the geek and […] More

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    Restoring those Little Toy Cars

    A little while ago Nacho carried an article about those little toy cars that EVERYONE either had or knew someone that had a collection of them, especially as a kid. Recently I found something that takes that one step further in RESTORING older metal toy cars. These have seen better days and need a little […] More

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    Some Ideas for Editing Written Work

    It is a part of the wring process. It is the part that a lot of people don’t like. It is also a part of the writing process that is very important and has to be done or whatever you are trying to write comes out like crap. With a lot of work being done […] More

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    Making a kitchen knife out of WHAT?!?

    There is a lot to be said for being able to craft something. Making something yourself takes some skill, talent, time, and practice. No matter what it is you can use your skill and talent to craft something amazing. There is also respect to be given if you can make something starting from out of […] More

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    Five Cool Things To Do with Bamboo Material

    Bamboo stem material has a calm color tone that blends well with its smooth, natural texture. The material is also flexible in nature, and highly durable. As such, bamboo stems can be fashioned into various bespoke items. From large tubular stems to delicate small sticks, this beautiful organic material can fit well into the design […] More

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