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    Indoor Games to Play with Your Roommates

    Some people go out for drinks with their friends to have fun. Others, who have roommates, rather opt for staying in. When you live with your friends, it’s only too easy to set up a great atmosphere simply by choosing one of these games. Also, if you’ve just moved in and you don’t know your […] More

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    How Sentence Rephraser Can Relieve Your Studying in 2019

    Writing exercises form part of our academic, social and professional lives. As such one needs to master the essential techniques that help them communicate better in their messages. One of these methods is rephrasing. You could use a sentence rephraser or train yourself to paraphrase correctly. The meaning of Rephrasing Also known as rewording sentences or […] More

  • Tips for Phd Comprehensive Exam

    Top 10 Writing Tips for PhD Comprehensive Exam to Follow to Succeed

    The internet and the general public contain individuals who have completed various tasks; hence they offer the best advice on tackling similar jobs. Students in higher learning institutions serve as good examples f people who use the internet for studies. Assignments, revisions, and tests all remain possible to take and prepare for through the internet. […] More

  • paraphrase tool

    How to Use Paraphrase Tool for Academic Papers in 2019

    Paraphrasing tools are revolutionizing the writing sector, not just because they help in avoiding plagiarism, but also because they expand the writing boundaries. Paraphrasing is now more accessible thanks to the many engines developed for that singular purpose. You can use a paraphrase tool to rewrite whole paragraphs or to find new and creative ways […] More

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    Best Ways To Earn Money While Studying Abroad

    Studying abroad is not just fun and games. It is definitely a great idea that will help you gain new knowledge about the culture, tradition and so much more about the country where you’re at. The only problem is that it can be expensive. If you’re always in the need of extra cash while you’re […] More

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    Tips To Stay Away From Your Phone While Studying

    Social media are one of the biggest addictions of modern times. With the developments of Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and other apps there is so much to do on the phone. It is so easy to be distracted and even lose track of time. But, the real problem appears when you have to study. That is […] More

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    Things To Know Before Choosing Your Student Accommodation

    Going to college probably means that you’ll have to part with your own room at home. That doesn’t mean you should settle for literally everything. So many students decide to spend their first year in a dorm but want something on the side for the following years. Either way you go, it will be a […] More

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    Basic College Admission Essay Tips You Have To Know

    Getting into college can turn out to be one of the most important events in your life. Although a lot of students don’t put enough effort into their college admission essay, you sure have to prepare it well because it can have a huge influence in the final result. If you are really struggling with […] More

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