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    Things You Probably Missed From The 2019 Oscars

    The 2019 Oscars are wrapped, but there are so many things we didn’t really see on TV. There are also many iconic moments we had no idea happened. We did go through the news and rounded up some of the events that you probably missed but you have to know about. Rami Malek Fell Off […] More

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    Iconic Designer Karl Lagerfeld Passed Away At 85

    This year has cost the world yet another legend. The iconic designer Karl Lagerfeld passed away in Paris. According to French outlets, he passed away in a hospital in Paris. Karl missed a number of events in the past few months, which was definitely a cause for speculation. Reports say that he was actually struggling […] More

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    Katy Perry And Orlando Bloom Are Engaged

    Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are officially engaged. The two celebrities shared the happy news on Valentine’s Day. Bloom decided to propose on the day of the year that celebrates love. According to sources, Orlando was planning on popping the question for quite a while. He talked with Katy’s parents and asked for their permission […] More

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    The Highlights From The 2019 Grammy Awards

    Each year we look forward to awards season. Now that the time has come, we’re ready to do a short recap from the 2019 Grammy Awards. So many things happened, but we wanted to set our attention to the good ones. This year, female artists were much more recognized compared to last year. They are […] More

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    Celebrities Who Now Have Normal Jobs

    There are so many celebrities who were popular in the past, but now you never hear or see them. Those are the people who have decided to find normal jobs. Some feel like the stress is too big, while others simply fell in love with doing other things. The stars you’ll see on the list […] More

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    Celebrity Real Names You Have To Check Out

    We are already used to calling all these stars by their names, but you probably didn’t even know they had different ones. These are the crazy celebrity real names you have to see. Gigi Hadid Gigi has a very interesting name. The whole world actually knows her by her nickname, given by Hadid’s mother Yolanda. […] More

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    Craziest Jobs Celebrities Had Before Becoming Famous

    It’s not all as shiny and glamorous as it looks. There was a time when Brad Pitt was not an actor, and Taylor Swift was not born with a golden spoon in her mouth either. Celebrities were once ordinary people just like us. Before all the fame came, they had to work as waitresses, sex […] More

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    No one to Host the Oscars!

    The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences have gone ahead with the idea for this year’s Oscar awards ceremony. It will not feature a single host for the show, instead of going with the idea of having several top Hollywood people to Introduce segments and keep the show going. The Oscars are the awards given […] More

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    The Richest Man On Earth, Jeff Bezos, Is Getting A Divorce

    The founder of Amazon and richest person in the world, Jeff Bezos is divorcing his wife. Jeff and MacKenzie decided to announce their split after 25 years of marriage. It all happened on January 9, 2019, when the couple shared the news with a public announcement. “We want to make people aware of a development […] More

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