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    How Good Essay Writing Skills Can Help You Get a Job

    Many people in the workforce today are quick to disregard the value of knowing how to write a good essay. After all, how is A going to help one assemble an automobile, or make sure that delivery occurs on time? The answer is simple: it won’t. However, what it can do is much, much more […] More

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    Looking to Change Careers? Here Are a Few Tips

    Do you feel like your current job is choking you and slowly draining the life out of you? You are not alone; 1.8 million Australian employees are seeking a new job. Dissatisfaction at the workplace can make one want to change their career. While it can open you up to a whole new world of […] More

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    How to Avoid Online Job Scams

    Job scam victims in the UK lose £4000 on average. For a job seeker to lose this kind of money is indeed disheartening. If you are a fresh graduate or a professional who is continuously on the lookout for better opportunities, this is a trap you definitely want to avoid. While there are no 100% […] More

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    5 Common Dietetic Internship Personal Statement Mistakes to Avoid

    So, are you working towards becoming an RD (Registered Dietician) or getting the RDN (Registered Dietician-Nutritionist) certification? You probably know that you need to go through a DI (Dietetics Internship) at an accredited institution, before sitting the certification exam. The application for the internship is computer-based and applications matched according to the DI’s preferences. As […] More

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    Tips On How To Deal With The IMG Residency Personal Statement Writing

    IMG stands for International Medical Graduates. The residency IMG personal statement gives you the opportunity to write about yourself (including the personal overview, qualifications, and work history) and is intended to complement your education. It is actually written by the applicants who seem interested to apply to any medical institution in the other country like […] More

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    These Are The Best Student Job Websites

    Students really find it hard to find decent jobs while they are in college or right after they graduate. If you are tired of being a server, tutor, or babysitter, you should definitely think of getting something that is part-time but also is in the lane of what you’re studying. Even more importantly, it has […] More

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    Career Selection Time: These Are the Highest Paying Jobs of 2019

    We all like to see our hard work pay off, don’t we? Well, in case you belong to one of the following professions, you’re bound to see that happening in 2019, too! Indeed, your salary depends largely on you and your level of expertise, but there are certain fields which have proved themselves absolute gold […] More

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    Best Summer Jobs For Students In 2019

    It might be February, but all we can think of is how we’re approaching summer at a fast pace. That is the season every student looks forward too. You can have all the fun in the world and enjoy a month or two without doing anything. If you want to find something to work on […] More

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    8 Expert Tips for Crafting Powerful Letter of Introduction

    The value of a person’s network has never been emphasized as has been going on in recent years. Moreover, networking events have become a step in a person’s career development. Whether you are moving from one field to another, changing jobs, or only starting. Having a rich network can propel you higher up the career […] More

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    Looking to be an author? Know that it can be hard!

    For many, there is a lot of joy in writing a book yourself. To write something creative and wonderful of your own and other people wanting to read it and pay you money to read it is a good thought to have.  The idea of getting rich and even famous for what YOU were able […] More

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