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    Beauty Trends That Killed Millions

    So, I was browsing the Internet and reading some stuff I will never need in my life (as always) when I came across some weird things of the past. Fashion trends to be specific. Some of them were so off and weird that they were dangerous for the women’s lives. Not that we don’t do […] More

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    Got Razor Bumps On Legs? Try This Method

    Ladies, we all shave our legs. Unless we’re lazy and just let it be for like a couple of days. But when you do, you might get this thing called razor bumps. And they’re so annoying and ugly. Then you just put on pants and forget they are there. Well that’s not fair. You want […] More

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    5 Beauty Hacks That I Love

    I am going to be sharing with you all 5 beauty hacks that I love oh so much. These are beauty hacks that work for me and they may not work for all people. I am going to share them with you all and hopefully they are beneficial to you. Lets get to it! Beauty […] More

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    Why Should One Select The Semi-Permanent Makeup?

    Semi-permanent makeup is kind of older type of methodology, which has sustained to stick around. While some people may appear the permanent makeup as the particular technology for those who are utterly lazy, those who just take permanent makeup classes are not thinking of that. Knowing The Eyesight Problems When it actually comes to makeup, […] More

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    You Must Be This Old To Botox?

    Botox has become a commonplace thing in our society today. Cosmetic surgery, in general, has grown in popularity over the last several years; although, the procedures have been around for much longer. For example, anti-wrinkle injections have been safely used in our society for more than twenty years now, according to Cosmos Clinic Canberra, experts […] More

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