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    What is a Bowsette?

    The images are flooding places like Twitter and Facebook. The pictures of that blond woman with a crown and a sneer are everywhere and gamers seem to be loving it. So what is the deal with Bowsette? Bowsette is the newest trend in Fan art coming from the video game realm. It is supposed to […] More

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    Believing in my Fandom

    I don’t follow a huge amount of TV. I have no idea what goes on in many of the latest shows on any platform. I admit it and do not apologize. Most of what I follow are either Japanese, animated, or both. I don’t have anything against shows that the geekier side of life is […] More

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    A Studio Ghibli Theme Park? Yes Please!

    The Studio Ghibli creations have wowed fans all over the world now for decades. Characters ranging from Totoro, the Catbus, Ponyo, Howl, Porco Rosso, Chihiro, and the many, many others have been part of our imaginations for quite a while. Right now the biggest attraction for fans of the anime studio can see the Studio […] More

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    Pom Poko Shrine may be turned into parking lot.

    With the death of Studio Ghibli creative force Isao Takahata and the films he worked on still fresh in minds of anime fans, the shrine that served as the basis of one of Studio Ghibli’s most famous movies is in trouble thanks to city redevelopment. The town of Komatsushima, in the Tokushima prefecture, is the […] More

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    Remembering the Life and Work of Isao Takahata

    On April the 5th the anime world lost a big name and a bright mind and imagination in Isao Takahata. While the name might not ring an immediate bell,  the work and creations he helped bring to life certainly are. Not just for anime fans, but fans of film in general as well for generations. […] More

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    Dragonball Live Tour Announced for the United States and Canada Dragon Ball Tour in North America 2018 A Dragon Ball event, the greatest of all time, is coming to the United States and Canada. Consisting of 7 stops, starting from San Diego!! Expect exclusive items and a one-of-a-kind experiences! —————————————-­————- チャンネル登録すると映像の更新やキャンペーンのお知らせが届きます!>>> —————————————-­————- As soon as the Dragonball Super show ended it’s run, Bandai […] More

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