Watch a Tesla FLY down a road!

That is not something that is supposed to happen!

As news is being made about Elon Musk’s car company Tesla failed to meet it’s own production quotas and rumblings of Musk maybe taking the company private, a new video has surfaced that shows just how fast a Tesla electric car can go when it starts getting out of control.

Barrie Police on Twitter

It may look “cool” and like something from out of the movies, but in reality the action of this driver put many lives at risk, including his own. He now faces Criminal Charges and will appear in court in October.

The video comes from Barrie, Ontario, Canada. It is shot on a security camera of one of the buildings close by on this journey and the car FLIES over a hill as it was crossing some train tracks. The Tesla soars over 100 feet and by a number of surprised people before landing with what must have been a heck of a crash.

Holy Crap!

The Tesla name has been in the headlines a lot recently as its owner, billionaire Elon Musk has been suffering some business issues in recent days. The stock in the company took a massive hit and there was doubt about its success.  Added to that was the more recent news that the company failed to make its own production estimates in making the latest models of the cars. Musk himself sparked rumors with stories that he was thinking of turning the company back into a private one without stock options. Whether true or not, that idea would cost Musk a lot of money in an attempt to buy back the stock shares and suffer another financial hit.

What the Tesla is supposed to look like

The Tesla Model S is an electric car first made available in June of 2012 and is one of the highest selling electric cars in history. It does the best sales in the USA while Canada only accounts for 3% of its total sales. As the video shows with thankfully no innocent bystanders hurt, it can actually gain a lot of speed, although this is probably not the way Tesla wants that to be demonstrated.

That blur is THE CAR!

The reports put it that the driver of this Tesla was a 46-year-old male and that both he and a passenger with him suffered minor injuries from the crash. The driver is also facing time in front of a court on October 1st for dangerous driving. The Barrie police have publically condemned the driver for putting other people’s lives at risk.

Thankfully those who were in the area were not hurt or injured by the speeding and flying car. The car itself was smashed up and the driver and passenger were hurt in minor injuries but no one else was injured or worse in the accident. It is not being reported as of yet if the car itself suffered some sort of malfunction or if this was a case of the driver contributing to the crash, whether intentionally or not. More details of that will be sure to arrive when the driver is set for trial at the beginning of October.

While the video shows the car during its flight, it does not show the ending as the car crashed and hit a tree that was in the nearby parking lot of a school. Being nightfall hopefully cut down on anyone being at the school at the time of the incident.

You don't want to see THAT coming down the road!

There has also been no official word from Musk or Tesla themselves as of yet. There is no evidence the video has even made it to anyone involved with the company or if anything can be done in reaction to the video. As of this writing, the stock price itself is down nearly a 1.49 at a 301.66 stock price. So the video is not giving the company a major blow.


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