Pro Driving Tips for New Drivers

Over the years, you must’ve noticed how some people seemed to be perfect drivers, while the others couldn’t be more uncomfortable behind the wheel. Also, there is a group of overly confident drivers whose skills are far from polished. Luckily for you, we have prepared some tips and tricks which will make you appear to be a more experienced driver than you actually are, and you will truly master the skill. Your confidence will be completely justified. Here’s what needs doing:

Speed limit

First of all, always obey the speed limit. That sign is there for a reason. A whole bunch of engineers didn’t do research and measurements and calculations in vain for that specific part of the road. More importantly, always adjust your speed to the conditions on the road. For instance, a sign may be telling you one thing, but if the road is icy, driving 35 miles per hour when the limit is 40 does not cut it in this case.

Therefore, better be safe than sorry.

Adjust everything

You know how pro drivers love their cars. Well, when you take your place behind the wheel, spend some time feeling the vehicle. Adjust the seats, the rear view mirror, side mirrors, and car temperature – everything to your own preference! Get to know the vehicle before you start it.

Bottle test

Maybe you’ve done it during the lessons, maybe not, but this is excellent practice.

Plenty of new drivers are a bit confused where exactly their front wheels are. For fun and practice, empty a plastic bottle, step on it and leave it on the land. Then, open your windows to hear the crunching sound, and start testing your awareness of the front wheels.


It’s not good either way. Firstly, keep a safe distance between you and the vehicle in front. You know that old rule that you should be able to at least see its wheels, but once again, think about the road conditions. Compare stepping on a brake when it’s been raining and on dry asphalt. The former takes a while.

Also, you’ll just have to live with the fact that at the beginning there might be a fair share of drivers who are tailgating you, but do not feel pressured to speed up just because they don’t know how to safely overtake you. No one has ever called Spodek Law Group to sue the person who was “driving too slowly in front of them”. On the other hand, you would have every right to deal with the person who crashed or bumped into you from behind.

Hand brake weather

The rules have taught you to always pull the hand brake. However, if it’s freezing outside, leave it down, or it may get damaged due to extremely low temperatures.


This is pretty self-explanatory, but it has to be mentioned that being sleep deprived and exhausted can have a similar effect to alcohol or substance consumption and its consequence. A really good driver knows when to stop the car and have a rest.

Distraction free

Don’t fool yourself you’re a pro driver if you’re able to eat, text and talk to your friends at the back at the same time, or maybe channel surf. There is nothing professional about it. Have you ever seen a Formula driver munching in the curve? Exactly. Have as few distractions as possible.

Moreover, if you think you’d feel pressure or anxiety while driving certain people, you have every right to say “no” to their request to take them somewhere. If needs be, you can even tell them to leave the car. That’s right – you’re the driver, aka the boss.

So, bear these tips in mind, apply them on the streets, and you will definitely enjoy the ride!

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