How To Boost Up Your Vehicles Security

Security matters. You may think that you won’t lose your favorite item in a hundred years, but one day it can happen quickly, just because you didn’t think carefully about security. Do you have a home? Secure it. Do you have a new vehicle in your garage? Secure it. 

Vehicles security matters, if you want to continue enjoying hours and hours of the ride in your favorite wheels. 

Globally, one car is stolen every 15 seconds. As you know already, otherwise you wouldn’t be here are reading this, the right vehicle is a long-term and money consuming investment. So, if you want to avoid being statistics, you should know how and when you should secure your vehicle

If you are not sure what are the best ways to secure your vehicle, we present you with five simple and practical ideas to increase vehicle security. 

Upgrade Your Locks 

Car door locks will always depend on the model of your vehicle. Upgrading to newer locks on your car can be different from securing your mom’s car. Just one year difference can make a significant variation in the car model.

Every lock is different, and they may vary in limitations and unique advantages. Make sure that you research thoroughly and think carefully before you choose your car door locks. 

Pro tip: It’s not a bad idea to talk with a professional and discuss more the benefits and disadvantages of electronic car locks and standard key entry. 

Secure Parking

If your home comes with a garage or a driveway, use it. If you tend to park your vehicle right on the street, make sure that you park in open, well-lit, and populated areas. Never leave your vehicle in the dark and the non-populated regions. 

If possible, try to park under the sight of a CCTV camera. This should make burglars think twice about approaching your car. Also, if you attend to park in a car park, never park near the exit. Vehicle security can be significantly improved by putting motion detector lighting. 

Pro tip: Keep your valuables hidden.

Track Your Car

In a world of digital solutions, it would be obscene not to use it in your advance. That being said, think about using vehicle tracking systems.

Nowadays, these systems are widely available, and major logistics companies are using them on a daily level, especially by professional truck drivers. So, track your vehicle location with mobile apps and smartphones. 

Pro tip: Use a window sticker to notify your environment that you are using a tracking system. 

Steering Wheel Lock

This is one of the most simple but yet effective ways to protect your vehicle. Moreover, this is a budget-friendly solution compared to high-tech options. Even if someone tries to unlock it, it will take six different steps and a lot of time. 

By the time one actually unlocks the steering wheel lock, someone would notice the burglary if a car is parked in a populated area with average light. 

Pro tip: Invest in other anti-theft devices such as car alarms, kill switches, and earlier mentioned steering wheel locks. 

Back To Basics

Don’t forget that the basics work good, as well. Sure, high-tech solutions are dominating the world, but high-tech crime arises at the same time. 

Consequently, you can use low-tech tactics to secure your beloved vehicle. 

Keep it simple:

  1. never leave your car running unattended
  2. always roll up your windows
  3. always lock your doors, even if you are in front of your home
  4. always park in densely populated and well-lit areas

Always practice common sense and avoid being among the 765,00 vehicle burglaries in the States every year. Although car crime is common, you can still protect your vehicle by applying simple tactics mentioned in this article. 


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