General Motors announces a rough year for 2019

Layoffs, Plant shut downs, and the end of Six Car Models

General Motors, a long time name in American car production, announced that will end production on 6 car brands. The automakers have said they are ending the production of six of their sedan style cars as they blame consumers wanting Trucks, SUVs, Hatchbacks, and Crossover style vehicles and that sedan cars have fallen out of favor with customers.

It is becoming a yearly ordeal in the current economy. When Thanksgiving has ended it seems someone is going out of business or closing down due to lackluster sales. Often times it is store names in retail shutting down or filing for bankruptcy, but in this latest incident, it’s General Motors announcing that will be ending some car brands as it adjusts to sales and consumer wishes.

The six cars slated to end at the end of 2019 are:


Chevrolet Volt

Maybe the most well-known name on the list. The Volt was one of the flagships in the hybrid car market. Due to all-electric cars getting more attention, the Volt has fallen out of favor with buyers. First started production in 2011 but had been developed for years before that. May go down as the poster child of this announcement and the closedowns as they were heralded as a big name in hybrid cars. The Volt has won many awards but sales numbers have been slowly going down since it’s introduction.


Buick LaCrosse

This car originally goes back to 2005 but has had 3 different “generations” of cars during that time. Sales of the larger car have gone up and down since it was first introduced as sales have gone as high as 92,000 sales in the United States in 2005 to as low as 20,000 sales in the States in 2017. Buick themselves is a name in transition as some of their other crossover type cars are doing well, but the LeCrosse seems not to be so lucky.


Chevrolet Impala

A longtime name for the Chevrolet company as these cars have been made off and on since 1958. They are currently on the tenth generation of Impala cars that were started in 2014. Sales of the latest generation have dropped massively going from 172,000 in the United States in 2010 to 75,000 in 2017. Seen as one of the worst selling Chevy cars currently. While the name may have helped in getting attention,  it also gives it an image of the original Impala cars made in the ’50s.


Cadillac CT6

Unlike the last name on this list that is on its 10th generation and has been going in some form or another since 1958, the CT6 was first created in 2016. The car was used a lot to test out new technology for Chevy. Sales were not the best as the car did a little over 9,000 sales in the U.S. in 2016, and improved just a little to 10,500 sales in the Staes last year, making it the least popular seller with the Cadillac name.


Chevrolet Cruze

A smaller compact car that has been in production since 2008. Interestingly, the  Cruze name was actually taken from Suzuki compact car that was made in Japan between 2001 and 2008. The more modern version was  Chevrolet’s best selling Sedan and in 2014 was topping the U.S. sales at 273,000 and nearly 266,000 sales in China. However, the car has been on a decline since with sales stopping in many countries and the American sales dropping to 184,751 last year.


Cadillac XTS

A car that started in 2012. This full-sized Sedan saw a lot of its business being sold to Taxi and Limo companies instead of direct buyers. American sales topped out in 2013 with over 32,000 sales and last year sales were just over 16,000, But it was actually doing much better in China with over 41,600 sales last year.


Aside from these names ending in 2019 it has also been announced that General Motors is planning a large round of layoffs for many employees as well as closing down 5 different production plants in North America. So while many will be seeing the last of these car names and models in 2019, it looks like many more will see their jobs disappear as well.

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