What an Applicant Need To Know about ESL Teaching Job

Do you cherish a dream to join as an English teacher? Do you like to travel in the abroad country? If yes, then you will be happy to hear that China, the country, with the highest population welcomes hundreds of English or ESL teachers each and every year.

Actually, Chinese Government knows very well that this language is considered as the lingua franca in the world. So, they are keen to make the young generation fluent with this language. To serve this purpose, they need numbers of teachers. This is the reason why ESL teaching positions in China are available in great numbers.

As a newbie in the teaching world, it is quite normal for you to have hardly any idea about this subject. You must think how to get this job in a foreign country. Here is what you want to know about TEFL job in China.


There are some simple criterions that most of the Chinese schools demand. These include,

•    Bachelor degree from any renowned educational institute

•    TEFL certificate

•    Minimum 2 years of experience in this field

•    Native English speakers will get preference

Take Help from a Job Recruiting Agency

As a foreigner, it is quite challenging to get a suitable job in this country. If you try to secure the job on your own, it involves much time and effort. It will be best for you to invest in a reputed job consulting agency that has the ability to connect you with the Chinese schools that offer the job. Here is what you may expect from the consultancy.

1)    Provide you with the suitable teaching job

2)    Accommodation and pick up facility

3)     Lucrative salary packages

4)    Help you settling in China

Apart from these, they can help you in some other ways.

General Tips for the Job Seekers

There are many candidates who like to join as an English teacher in China. As an applicant, you may remember the following tips to get a better teaching experience. Quickly check these out,

a)    Get a TEFL certificate

b)    Get a working Visa

c)    Take help from a reputed and reliable job consulting agency

d)    If it is possible to learn the Chinese language

e)    Do some research on this topic

f)    Try to mingle with the Chinese culture

g)    Work hard and play smart

Hope all the mentioned tips will help you to have a better teaching experience. You may consider these tips while securing ESL job.

Different Types of Educational Institutes

There are different types of educational institutes in China that offers teaching jobs. Some of the types are following,

•    Public school positions

•    English language centers

•    Home tutoring on a full time basis

•    Kindergarten positions

Each and every type of institute comes with different facilities.


China is one of the largest countries in the world. With this, it is quite normal that there you will find a number of cities where you may stay while teaching. Some of the famous cities are, Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Nanjing and much more.

So, what do you decide? Will you go for this job or not? Well, to get an excellent teaching experience, hire a job consulting agency and go to China. Join as an ESL teacher and boost up your career.

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