Tips To Get Back To Work After A Career Break

Leaving work and deciding to take a career break is such a hard thing to do. It can even be harder to get back to work after the gap. There comes a time in life for both men and women when they feel like they might not be on the right path when it comes to their career. In other cases, they simply have to take a break because of an unexpected event. Either way, you will be more than nervous to come back. That’s why we prepared some useful tips that will be of much help.

Tips To Get Back To Work After A Career Break

Explain The Break

You will definitely need to explain your career break at one moment or another. It should be included in the cover letter and also they will ask you during the interview. All you need is, to be honest about it. Give the real reason why you actually decided to take time off work. The reasons can be various and you don’t have to be ashamed. It can be a short gap for a career change, illness, more family time, travel, or whichever your priorities were at that time. The employer will appreciate your honesty and will probably understand that everyone needs a break. Make it very short and simple. These days people do a career gap more often and that is not a thing that employers consider negative. Everyone has the right to figure things out and come back even better than before. The time off usually serves as an amazing event that helps you gain even more experience and knowledge.

Work On Your Network

You need to stay in touch with people that work in the same area as you. Constantly working on your network is a key about being familiar with what’s going on. Also, being friendly with people can bring you so many benefits. For example, if one of your friends work at the company you’re interested in, they’ll be able to get you first-hand information about open job positions. This is so easy nowadays with social media. Just talk to them once in a while, or go out and grab a coffee together. The same thing applies to clients and former co-workers.

Tips To Get Back To Work After A Career Break

Keep Up With The News

While you’re on a career break there will be new things happening. It doesn’t matter if it’s only a few months to a few years. Novelties appear every single day in all of the possible industries. That is why you need to keep up with updates as much as you can. This is the part where you can connect this tip with the previous one. Just by grabbing a coffee with a former co-worker, you will learn so many new things that are popular at that moment. You will need to put the internet to use and constantly read all novelties. Other options are podcasts, courses and more.

Confidence Is Key

Do not punish yourself for the fact that you needed a career break. You probably had strong reasons to do it. That is why you have to be confident when you do a come-back. Always know your worth. Remember how amazing you were at the job you previously did. There is no need to be nervous or skeptic. Once you get to the interview, make sure everyone can see that you feel comfortable and that you are confident. This doesn’t mean that you should brag, but be very honest about your experience and your worth. To be even more confident, you need to do your research well about the company and the job you’ve applied for.

Tips To Get Back To Work After A Career Break


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