Tips On How To Deal With The IMG Residency Personal Statement Writing

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IMG stands for International Medical Graduates. The residency IMG personal statement gives you the opportunity to write about yourself (including the personal overview, qualifications, and work history) and is intended to complement your education. It is actually written by the applicants who seem interested to apply to any medical institution in the other country like a surgery personal statement.

The Basic to Compose Residency Personal Statement

When it comes to writing a captivating IMG residency personal statement internal medicine, then you must be familiar with the core points for creating it. First of all, you have to begin the process by including an introduction. Then, pay your whole attention to the body of the statement. Discuss the reasons for applying to that particular institution and your eligibility for the selection. The last but not least part is related to the ending. Make it brief and add the engaging details that must grab the attention of the selection committee.

The Residency Personal Statement Writing Preparation

It is not too late if you have a mere two to three weeks for composing an incomparable PS related to internal medicine. All you need to do is to avoid losing the focus while searching the material and the writing process. And you’ll be done with it.

  1. Make a list of some important points to include in the personal statement i.e. the educational achievements, certifications, prior work experience, etc.
  2. Make yourself aware of the standard word limit. Do not prepare for writing the content in more than two pages.
  3. The use of words must show your level of intellectuality. Instead of using the vague language, you have to discuss everything with the relevant use of vocabulary.

Residency Personal Statement Sample: How it Should Look Like?

First of all, the applicants must keep themselves prepared with the basic fact of writing a residency IMG personal statement. It is not at all based on the subheadings or bullet points. You are supposed to end it up with 3 or 4 paragraphs with the addition of introduction, body, and conclusion. The readers won’t be attracted if you include the subtitles by breaking the rule of only-paragraphs policy in personal statement writing. Like a cover letter, the applicant must focus on the quality of text rather than its presentation. The selection team demands for the quirky writing style based on the genuine reasons for choosing an individual. Secondly, the repetition of phrases is strictly prohibited to do. You should come up with describing something new and unique about yourself to get successful outcomes. 

The FAQs for Residency Interview

The interview preparation post writing international medicine application isn’t worthwhile if you haven’t paid attention to the important questions with answers regarding it. During the interview session, the panel can ask any sort of question that may take you into the trouble. These questions can probably help you with this matter.

Can you tell me a little bit about yourself?

I am a studious person who has recently completed the Masters in XYZ program. I also have got the certifications in various related fields. My passion is to excel in the field of internal medicine.

Why did you choose this specialty?

Because I am interested to pursue a career in this field. My ambition is to explore more in the field of internal medicine and to prove myself distinctive than others.

What motivates you?

This really motivates me when I see the successful individuals in the professional career post completing the IMG residency program. I am aiming to be like one of them.

How do you know the program?

I studied about it a few years back and this really appealed me. The constant increase in interest took me to apply for this program.

Do you have any question for me?

I would only like to ask that, “Would the only degree help me to land a job or I must have the prior work experience too?”.

How you are different than others?

I don’t believe in imitating what others do. I only believe in working hard and learning something new every time to explore more. This really sets me apart.

Problems That You Can Face While Writing IMG Residency PS

The IMG residency application writing process can either take you into the trouble or give you positive outcomes at the same time. This all depends upon your preparation related to this task. It can create challenges in writing the relevant content. You may also face challenges in fixing the mistakes. What to add and what not are also the two major issues for many applicants.

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