The Top 5 Meaningful Jobs To Feel Good About What You Do

Nowadays many people think that happiness and satisfaction with the job you do are very important. However, the idea that work can be fulfilling and not just a requirement is a rather recent trend. We can hardly think of a medieval person thinking about the meaning of his daily labor at the end of the day. On the other hand, in our prosperous world, we expect not only to obtain money through our work, we also, to a greater or lesser extent, expect to find meaning. It’s sometimes a big ask and not many jobs can provide that. To help us on the quest for fulfilling work, here’s a list of five jobs that make you feel good about what you do.

  1. Neurosurgeon – Medical professions traditionally dominate the list of most meaningful jobs. They provide a strong sense of purpose and are well compensated financially in many cases. One of the most prominent ones are neurosurgeons, who strongly believe that their work makes the world a better place. Over 90% of them would say that being a neurosurgeon is more than a job, it’s a vocation. Doctor Byrne of Rush University Medical Centre states that what keeps him going is the fact that there are a lot of patients whose lives are literally in his hands. Pretty powerful, isn’t it?
  2. Teacher – Whether you work with children, teenagers or adults, teaching jobs are always rewarding. Professionals in education give many different reasons for why that is the case, but it usually boils down to this: they love to see the progress their students make. Teachers may come from many different backgrounds but they’re individuals who care deeply about the impact they have on others and the difference they make in society.
  3. Disability Assistant – This is by no means an easy job, but when done properly it can provide plenty of fulfillment and satisfaction. A Disability Assistant helps a person with a disability with activities of daily living such as personal care and homemaking. A modern idea is to perceive the disabled person as an employer, which significantly changes the role of caregiver. No more is a person employed by a state to care for a randomly assigned disabled person, but rather a trained professional who’s more personally involved in the selection of their “employer” which leads to a closer, friendlier and more satisfactory relationship between the two.
  4. Veterinarian – Being a vet is an ideal career for passionate animal lovers. Veterinarians spend their days working with animals of all shapes, sizes, and breeds. The specialty of the vet office you end up working in often plays a role in the types of animals see. A rural vet is more likely to work with farm animals. A vet office in a larger city might specialize only in small animals, like cats, dogs or rabbits. This type of work gives you a mix of interacting with the human owners as well as their pets, so it requires a great deal of flexibility but also provides a lot of satisfaction.
  5. Landscaping Architect – This is a job for those with a green thumb and an eye for art and beauty. Landscape architects design many functional, aesthetic green spaces such as public gardens, parks or residential yards. An educational background is important, as landscape architects study aesthetic design, social and environmental ethics, botany and natural processes, among other topics. It’s a job that provides a lot of time in fresh air together with the satisfaction of seeing a finished product that other people find useful as well as aesthetically pleasing.

To conclude, jobs that are seen as most meaningful are often those that involve taking care of, helping and making others feel safe. Those professionals who have a feeling of making a positive difference in the society are usually the ones that see their jobs as most fulfilling and if their paychecks are also satisfactory, that’s only a bonus.




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