The Pros and Cons of Changing Career Pass from Medical to Business

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Nowadays it is not a rare thing to see people switching from career to career, especially among the young employed. It is a trend observed in all the types f industries.

People job hop for various reasons, some valid and others may seem very irrelevant: for instance, you would be surprised if a nurse with a full-on rn resume shifted to being a chef. However, changing one’s careers pass has its advantages and disadvantages.

Below are some pros and cons of changing one’s career pass from medical to business:

Should You Make a Move from Nursing to Business?

Pro: More rapid salary increase

It is a fact that the medical field pays well; however, it I worth to note that it takes quite a significant amount of time before you start receiving the good money that you are anticipating.

A business offers a better platform when it comes to quick remunerations. Moving from a labor and delivery nurse job description to a business person could mean a significant increase in income. If you are successful enough, you might end up earning more than what you would in the Medical field.

Con: Risk of limited rewards in Business

There is always a risk of little success in the new field you wish to pursue. For instance, if you move to business, your business may end up making losses. As such, you will suffer greater loss compared to if you had remained in the medical field.

Pro: Loyalty does not pay in the medical field

As much as you may decide to be loyal to your particular profession, in the end, it will not be necessarily gratifying. A switch in the job will offer you an opportunity to explore other sources of income.

The business field offers a good alternative as you are likely to succeed if you know your way around the business market.

Con: Questions arise about your consistency

People will question your ability to start and finish anything if you move from the medical to the business field. Sticking with your nurse externship resume will make you appear more loyal compared to if you switch careers.

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Pro: You enlarge your field of experience

Being In the medical area is good, but being a business person with medical knowledge is better. You will command greater respect if you can make the switch successfully. Furthermore, your curriculum vitae will be more appealing.

Con: You lose the value of being a medical practitioner

There is a satisfaction that comes with assisting people with ailments. Shifting careers will make you miss this gratification. The contribution you make to society while in business is not necessarily as good as that produced in the medical field.

You will pride in being in the medical field as it is considered prestigious.

Pro: You need to prove yourself all over again

Though this may seem like a con, further analysis demonstrates that it is instead a pro. Doing one thing creates a form of complacency in an individual. Venturing into a new field pushes you out of your comfort zone.

Once you initiate the switch from the medical field to the business profession, you can identify new skills that you did not have earlier.

Con: Loss of trust

You will lose the confidence you had built in your primary profession. Therefore, you need to work towards restoring that trust.

Final Words on choosing to move from Nursing

The lesson, in this case, is to consider why you want to make a move. If you think it is worth the risk, then you can go for it.

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