My October Podcast Pick

The Basics

As a somewhat motivational guy, I strive on learning and developing my knowledge base. Every spare moment I have I try to fill it with something productive and beneficial. Something that will help improve my life.

That something is Podcasts.

If you have never heard or seen a podcast then let me shine some light on it for a moment;

A podcast is something that you listen to, like a radio station. Although it’s not constantly playing. A podcast can be downloaded and played whenever you want. You can subscribe and keep up to day with various podcast channels. It’s basically people or a person talking into a mic about countless topics. You can listen to anything from politics to comedy, science to literature, health to motivation. I use podcasts for motivation and information. It’s a service that allows me to learn more without having to restrict my time to reading. I can walk, and easily absorb what I am hearing, in order to better my life.

Leading me back to why I believe in these media form so much.

My October Pick

Now that you know what one is I’m about to tell you my October podcast pick. You ready? Take note, this pick is something I know 100% will benefit all of you that need an extra push at school or work. Something that will spark you back into motion after a long, long September. My pick is a channel called “The MFCEO Project” by an inspirational guy named Andy Frisella. Andy literally takes this channel to a level no other podcast can compete with. His fire and passion when speaking gets me all fired up. This channel is literally the sole reason for my motivation and success, something I religiously listen to when in need of a little motivation. It drives me every single day giving me advice that can be adapted to the situations in my life, pushing me to seize the day at whatever the cost.

I promise if you listen to just one of his episodes you to will be struck with so much drive and motivation you’ll want to go and conquer the day. Although I must warn you, this channel is not for the faint of heart or for those that are content with life. It’s for those of you that want to be better than average, that want to make something of yourself, that want to push boundaries you never thought you could.

This pick is for those of you that dare to want more.

I could and would write pages and pages on what it has taught me and done for my life but I won’t. I will leave you to discover this for yourself. Go, search it, download it and listen to it. You can thank me later.

Stay motivated,

Life Of Sandy.

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