Most In-Demand Nursing Specialties of 2022

Healthcare is essential for every healthy society. With growing life expectancies and an increasing number of diseases, the demand for dedicated workers in the field is always increasing. Nursing is one of such in-demand jobs that offer diverse options today to enable nursing students to pursue a specialization in their careers. Here are the most in-demand nursing specialties of 2022:

1. Cardiovascular Speciality

Cardiovascular nurses work with expert cardiologists who help with chronic heart conditions after receiving specialized training in providing cardiac life support and performing catheterization. These nurses have a growing demand in hospitals, private medical clinics, and rehabilitative facilities. They are also in demand in intensive care units, as well as surgical units.

The salary of cardiac nurses varies in different localities and also depends on their educational expertise. The average base salary for this profession is over $88,500, and their demand is expected to rise by 7% between 2019 to 2029.

2. Intensive Care Unit Nursing

ICU nurses, also called critical care nurses, work in Intensive Care Units providing medical care to the patients and giving hope and moral support to the staff. They assist surgeons and specialized physicians in patient care in an ICU, and they help monitor patients’ progress after the patient has encountered a severe accident, failure of an organ, or extensive surgery.

ICU nurses work in a high-pressure environment, constantly juggling between the life and death of patients. They have an ever-increasing demand, which is anticipated to increase by 15% between 2016 and 2026. The average salary is $72,500 per annum for ICU nurses, and it increases with experience and per location.

3. Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Nurses working in neonatal intensive care units have a job similar to ICU nurses. The only difference is that neonatal nurses work with newborns. These nurses assist surgeons with births and keep a check on newborns in the NICU. Their job role also involves administering medication and treatments for newborns. A significant part of their job is providing emotional support to parents during their baby’s NICU stay. New parents often worry about their delicate children, and NICU nurses help them through it.

The demand for NICU nurses is anticipated to rise by approximately 15% in the decade from 2016 to 2026. Their average salary is more than $71,000 per year. NICU nurses who work as traveling nurses earn a lot more than hospital staff nurses, and their earnings increase with age.

4. Psychiatric Practitioner

Psychiatric mental health nurse practitioners (PMHNPs) are in high demand in psychiatric wards, hospitals, mental health facilities, and rehabilitation and correctional centers. They have an incredibly fulfilling job of making a life-long impact on the mindset of their patients. These nurses provide medical care and support to patients with psychiatric and mental health disorders or other behavioral challenges. You can pursue this specialized education through online PMHNP programs in this digital age.


Nursing is indeed a promising career. The demand for healthcare services is only going to rise as the number of older people needing critical care increases. Nurses in specialties like cardiovascular, psychiatric, and intensive care units actually have a much higher demand and median salary than other disciplines. Opting for these professions can get you a fulfilling job and let you secure your future.


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