Looking to be an author? Know that it can be hard!

The writer’s life is not easy!

For many, there is a lot of joy in writing a book yourself. To write something creative and wonderful of your own and other people wanting to read it and pay you money to read it is a good thought to have.  The idea of getting rich and even famous for what YOU were able to write can be a driving force for a lot of aspiring writers.

The reality is a LOT harder to achieve than many people think!

It is not easy!

Writing a book is one thing. It does take talent to do that. But it actually doesn’t matter so much of how good of a writer you are. Fiction, Nonfiction, A romance, a love story, whatever. Getting anyone to actually read whatever you write is actually farther down the line then what a lot of people think.

If you want to get published by a real publisher and your work sent out into the world, You need to convince the publisher your book will actually make any money and people will buy it. You need to sell your story to them first. That is usually a struggle in itself. Most times you will send queries to a lot of publishers and you are going to get many rejections. It may not even be because of what you created. It’s up to the publisher and what they are feeling.

Hopefully you do get told this!

One idea is getting a literary agent to sell your work to the publishers. But you got to sell to agents first and many times it is like the same thing. You gotta send out queries and get rejected a bazillion time with the hopes that an agent sees something in your work. They may have edits and want you to change a bunch of things, but you gotta get them to actually pay attention to your work in the first place. Not easy to do sometimes.

There is Self-publishing. I do that route. But it isn’t that much easier. Sure you don’t have to sell yourself to an agent or a publisher. But you still gotta sell your work to the buyers. Not only do you have to sell them on your story, but you have got to get their attention first! Places like Smashwords, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Those kinds of places are good places to sell (online) but even if you list your books there, you still gotta get people to your link. The “movie” idea of “If you write it, they will come.” is not really true. You have to get your work out there. For some people who have an online following, that may be easy. For many. It’s not. And if you are doing this by yourself, there are the little things to worry about like price, what to put in the cover, and other such things that come with selling your own work.


So if you ever had the spark to write and create something, more power to you! It is a good feeling to know you have written something that people will like. But don’t get ideas that you are going to make a fortune off it and land a big publishing deal just like that. THAT is the hardest part and doesn’t happen that often. If you are doing this for the first time, it is even worse. Going through all that to get to the level of being a mass published other can be enough to drive the creativity right out of you.

So best of luck in what you write down and create, but know that many times it is not an easy road and it will probably take a long time to achieve. If you still have it in you to write. More power to you.

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