Learn What To Wear At A Job Interview

It can be really hard to decide what to wear at a job interview, especially if this is your first or second one. There are so many options, so we decided to give you a hand and give you some simple tips.

Learn More About The Company

You have to be very well prepared before you go to an interview. Every company is different and they have a different dress code. You can get all the information by looking at their website, Facebook, or Instagram. Another way to go is to find an employee and go through their social media posts. It sounds like lurking, but you have to be prepared. What if you appear in a classic suit and everyone there is wearing a laid-back combo? If you have any familiar people who work there, feel free to ask them. Every piece of information is important.

Learn What To Wear At A Job Interview

Business Professional

This one is one of the easiest ensembles to wear at a job interview, and applicants still manage to mess it up. Even a simple black suit for both men and women will do the job. If you are not huge on experimenting with fashion, opt for the safest choice. The suit can be dark grey, navy, burgundy, literally anything that is not too vibrant or bright. During summer months you can play with lighter shades as long as they are not too impactful. The footwear should be elegant. Feel free to accessorize as long as the jewelry looks appropriate with the rest of the look.

Learn What To Wear At A Job Interview

Business Casual

If the company allows it, you can opt for a more relaxed style. This means that you can forget about a classic suit and experiment with a little more color. Also, you can do a dress, or a skirt and shirt. Pants will look amazing with a printed blazer. Men can also feel free to decide on the blazer and go for only pants and a button-up shirt. A tie is optional.


Even if it’s a casual dress code, you have to look on point. This is a company where you can appear wearing pants or dark denim jeans. Opt for button-up shirts. A basic tee might look too simple and too casual. Also, you don’t have to focus on heels for ladies. Both females and males can flaunt flat shoes and even sneakers if they are not too sporty.

Learn What To Wear At A Job Interview

Hairstyle And Makeup

This part is important for both ladies and men. After you figure out what to wear at a job interview, you have to take care of the hair and makeup. Gents will always find this part easier. There will be times when you’ll feel like you have to appear with a beard. That is why you should learn more about the company before going.

When it comes to women, you always have to look neat and presentable. This applies to both hair and makeup. The hair can be down, straight or in classy waves. Another great idea is to do a simple updo or even a ponytail. If you’re going to a company that is all about business professional dressing code, you want to keep things more on the safe side, with a classier hairdo. The makeup should be minimalist. The whole point of this is for the interviewer to focus all the attention on your skills, instead of an eye-catching look.

Watch Out With The Perfume

Don’t overdo it with this one too. Try using a light perfume and don’t bathe in it. Strong perfumes can be unpleasant, especially if the interview is happening in a small room.

Learn What To Wear At A Job Interview


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