How to Stay Motivated and Happy While Job Hunting

Nobody ever looks back on a job hunt as the most transformative part of their life. Many people find it to be stressful and taxing. You’re responding to a lot leads, and answers may not come as quickly as you had anticipated. Believe it or not, you’re in a great position to better yourself. You aren’t yet anchored to a career, and you have a little more time to become the best professional. Keeping yourself motivated and happy while you’re job hunting is relatively easy when you’re putting your time to good use.

Keep Track of Your Progress

If you haven’t landed a position yet, you may feel like you haven’t accomplished anything. This couldn’t be further from the truth. You’re working towards a major goal a little bit every day. Everything you do is bringing you closer. Keep a journal or a whiteboard to track what you’ve done. How many times have you sent your resume, and who have you sent it to? Who have you heard back from? Have you received any valuable feedback? Keep notes of everything – it’ll be easier to determine the effectiveness of your techniques.

Make it Part of Your Daily Routine 

Your job hunt shouldn’t consume your whole life – it should merely become a part of it. You’ll be neglecting too many vital aspects of your day if you place all of your emphasis on sending out applications and checking your email. Put aside a little time each day to further your job search. Wake up, eat breakfast, check a few job boards, respond to your emails, and tend to other things. You can come back and check for responses after dinner. Don’t let it monopolize your waking life – you’ll only feel frustrated.

Read News Regarding Your Industry 

Staying informed about what’s going on in your professional industry will help you retain the passion for what you do. If you work in marketing, read about new tools and software services that are revolutionizing the way people market. If you’re in the customer service field, read about how customer service as it relates to newer arenas like social media. Learning will inspire you to keep that spark alive, even when things feel a little frustrating.

Take Care of Yourself 

Don’t let yourself get tunnel vision. If all you care about is landing that position, you’re probably putting off a lot of other things. Are you eating healthy? Are you getting enough exercise? When was the last time you cleaned out your bedroom closet? Don’t forget to tend to all of the small stuff. You’ll feel better, and you’ll remind yourself how much control you really do have. When you finally do return to work, the transition will be smoother if you have a better system in place at home.

Start a Blog 

A blog will keep you active and engaged as a professional. If it’s well written, it might even help you land the job you’re seeking. Regularly updated blogs that provide valuable content will rise to the top of Google’s ranks. Other professionals reading about your industry will be more likely to stumble upon your blog, and some of them may have valuable career leads. A blog can do nothing but help you succeed, and while you have the time, it wouldn’t hurt to start one. Everyone’s doing it, and you should jump on board.

Feeling down is normal from time to time – just don’t let that antsy feeling set the tone for your future. Your job search won’t last forever, even if it feels like it’s taking a long time. What matters the most is how you utilize your transition time, and that time is best spent building up your confidence in your professional abilities.


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