Highest Paid Part-Time Jobs for College Students

Every college student has one thing in mind when the first semester starts. The biggest struggle is going to classes regularly, having great grades, getting enough sleep, and having a social life. You have to do all that, plus have part-time jobs and pay off some of those student debts. Well if you already have to get a job, why not make it a good one. We could all benefit from a high-paying income while only working for several hours in a week.

If you thought that all part-time jobs for students are hard and don’t pay well, this is where you’re wrong. Sometimes you should just get out of your comfort zone and think outside of the box. I’m not saying that these jobs are the ideal ones, but they do pay very good compared to the usual ones. Take a look at the list below, and choose the best one for you.


Dog Walker or Pet Sitter

If you love being around animals this is definitely the ideal job for you. First of all, it’s very well paid. The average wage per hour is between $15 and $30 dollars. The time is usually flexible, so you can really make it work with your college schedule. Imagine spending your day with the cutest dogs, plus earn while doing that. Your week schedule sometimes might change, mostly because of the requests from the owners, but that makes the job even more fun.

Another well-paid experience is being a pet sitter. All you need to do is take care of the pets while their owners are at work or out of town. It’s an extremely easy job with a high level of pleasure. Usually, the pet sitter should visit the dog three times in a day, and you will be paid for each visit. Such a great way to earn money.

Highest Paid Part-Time Jobs for College Students dog walker pet sitter

Freelance Programmer

Plenty of students decide to do freelance jobs. Freelancing is actually a thing of the future. A large number of people quit their long-term jobs and decide to try working on their own and with different clients. The best thing about freelancing is that you apply only for the jobs that you like, and work with clients that respect the work you do. In the beginning, you will usually score projects that don’t pay as much, but once you build a portfolio with great reviews clients will start asking for your services. Anything connected with programming, web design, writing, translation, social media, marketing is very popular at the moment, so you won’t have any trouble finding a job. It’s definitely worth a try.

Highest Paid Part-Time Jobs for College Students freelance programmer


Writer, Editor, Blogger

These three jobs are a great career opportunity. They can be both part-time and full time. You will definitely love the money they earn. Plus, you’ll have plenty of time while doing it. You don’t have to be the best writer ever, to start doing this job. You can focus on academic writing that is close to what you study. That way it will always be related to what you know best, and you’ll become much more advanced in some fields. Always apply for a listing that you find interesting and fun because you don’t want to be bored while you’re doing the job. Writers can earn quite a lot, sometimes even more than $40 per hour. Sites such as Freelancer and UpWork can help you connect with clients and build a strong portfolio. If you have strong editing skills, that is another thing that you can try.

Being a blogger is one of the most popular occupations these days. The quality ones earn tons of money, plus they get a number of other advantages. College is the best time to start a blog. There might not be a lot of income in the beginning, but you’ll start earning soon enough.

Highest Paid Part-Time Jobs for College Students freelance writer editor blogger


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