Career Selection Time: These Are the Highest Paying Jobs of 2019

We all like to see our hard work pay off, don’t we? Well, in case you belong to one of the following professions, you’re bound to see that happening in 2019, too!

Indeed, your salary depends largely on you and your level of expertise, but there are certain fields which have proved themselves absolute gold mines in recent years. It’s always nice to belong to a profession which is highly valued and accordingly paid as well. Should you opt for one of these jobs, you will definitely cash your skills and experience properly, to say the least. Without further ado, here are the top paying jobs in 2019.

Nurse anesthetist

While everybody looks up to surgeons and their dream salaries, nurse anesthetists are doing their job and quietly earning the big bucks. The job is not to sound as prestigious as being a surgeon or another type of physician, but the yearly earnings definitely match the risks and responsibility this profession embodies. The median anesthetist’s salary is $165,120. With the latest employment predictions, the future looks bright for years to come, too.


Health care has always topped the lists of best-paying jobs, so we continue in a similar fashion. A beautiful smile is what we all crave, and today’s technologies have advanced so much that orthodontists are literally performing wonders. And getting paid accordingly, too. with the median salary of $208,000 and an unemployment rate below 1%, they too can flash a self-satisfied smile.


With all these sugary drinks, delicious fattening food and sweeteners everywhere, our teeth are challenged every single day. Maybe that’s why dentists have so much work nowadays and are paid $151,440 on average. Nevertheless, their job concerns much more than dealing with simple fillings. Treating toothache can turn out to be quite a complicated procedure with different exams and plenty of unique cases.


Finally, an occupation that is not related to medicine whatsoever. This one belongs to the business field, and it is perhaps surprising for some. Yet, a good statistician is hard to come by and is extremely valued. The median salary is around $84,000 and the best thing about it is that this job is on the rise. The vacancies are popping up as we speak, whereas the best in the statistic business will be even more desired. After all, it all comes down to the business results. CEOs may make the final decision, but it is statistical data that have to use for it.

Software engineer

For a couple of years in a row now, software engineer salary seems to be every computer science student’s dream. The digital technology has permeated almost every part of our lives, and it is software engineers who are creating all those cell phones and computer applications. Naturally, the competition is fierce, so perhaps that’s why there is almost 2% unemployment rate.

On the other hand, the software engineer salary is certainly worth fighting for. A median salary is around $92,000, making the US best part of the world to be a software engineer in (Switzerland comes second). Still, the average US salary depends largely on the area where you do the job. Consequently, if you wish to have a great head start, consider moving to California (San Francisco, San Jose and Oakland in particular).

To sum up, as the year 2019 is concerned, you can expect excellent income if you apply for one of the mentioned jobs, which are currently all in high demand. So, get your CV ready, and start applying!


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