Best way to edit your startup’s website

Of course, you want to edit your website. After all, a bunch of grammar and spelling mistakes will make it look like the amateur hour. And as that’s one of those things that isn’t so hard to tackle, there is really no reason for that.

The main reason that it has become so much easier to edit your website is that there are now so many services available you can use for writing help which is either free or not at all expensive. These make editing fast, effective and easy. Even better, the more often you use the options out there, the better your own writing will become. And that is always a nice bonus as you’ll be able to take that everywhere – from your newsletters to your business proposals.


You’ve probably heard of this one. Grammarly has been impressing people across the spectrum. That’s because it doesn’t just help you with spelling but also with actual grammar mistakes (and notices ones that many other programs don’t).

It is a good piece of software – though I do have to say not all the suggestions are equally accurate. I’ve had it try to tell me to repair sentences which were perfectly alright, to begin with. Some other choices are stylistic. Many people do not like the Oxford comma, for example. And yet Grammarly insists on them – without ever making you aware that it’s something that’s regularly debated in grammar circles.

All the caveats aside, however, it is a great piece of software when accompanied by a writer who actually knows the grammar rules well enough to spot when the program is speaking nonsense.

Readability software

It doesn’t matter if you write perfect English if nobody can figure out what you’re trying to say because of your complicated sentence structure. And that happens a lot more often than you might expect. The truth is it is far easier to write a complex sentence that is hard to understand that it is to write a simple one.

It’s all down to most people struggling to separate out the ideas that they’re considering and giving each their own sentence. As a result, they create compound and complex sentences that demand the reader keep far too much in their limited attention span.

Fortunately, there is now software out there that can help you in this regard. Probably best known is the Hemmingway app. And it is quite good as it’s both user-friendly and free. If you really want to master the intricacies of writing clearly and simply, however, then you should check out It gives you far more information than Hemmingway does and therefore can give you a more intricate understanding of what you’re doing wrong. 

Use editing and writing sites

There are plenty of them out there – sites specifically dedicated to small tasks and quick turnarounds. Most of these work on a basis of volume instead of high prices, which means that they won’t cost you an arm and a leg. The reason this model works well is that most of these sites now also use editing software as well as the human touch. This means they can work quickly and still offer high-quality service. The great benefit of these places is that by having an actual person edit your stuff, you can be far more certain that your text will actually be error free. And that matters when you’re doing your startup page.   

The best direction to go is instead of looking for a site that is aimed at actual business, where services often demand a premium, to instead find ones that are aimed at groups which are traditionally low on cash. For example, you can get help from sites traditionally aimed at students. Perhaps look for the best website for essay writing or something along those lines.

SEO software

You might think that with your grammar and your readability tackled, your page is ready to be launched. Think again. You need to do one more vitally important thing if you’re going to succeed with your startup and that is to position your page correctly in terms of SEO.

For this, you’ll need two different pieces of software. The first one is something that lets you find keywords for which you can position yourself well. There are a bunch of programs out there. Moz’s keyword explorer isn’t bad. It gives you 20 free queries per month. That might not sound like much, but since you can explore related words easily without using one of those extra queries, it actually is.

Then, when you have the right keywords, you’ll want some way to make sure it is correctly integrated into the relevant page. For that, you’ll want to use Yoast SEO. This will easily tell you what further steps you need to take to make sure that your page actually ranks for the keywords you’ve got in mind through a handy checklist.

Last words

With the right pieces of software out there, even if you’re not a phenomenal writer you can go a long way and still create a high quality website for your startup without having to pay a huge sum of money to get it done right.

Of course, as your website is your identity, at one point you will actually want a professional to take a look at it (not doing is like going to the ball with a homemade dress) but certainly, in the beginning, these tools will make your content much better than if you were forced to struggle through alone.

So, all that’s left now is for me to wish you good luck with your startup.

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