Best Paid Careers for College Graduates

Before choosing the right college or university for you, you should definitely think of possible future salaries. The thought that you should always pursue your dreams is on point, but the financial factor is also of great importance. So right before you enroll a certain school, you have to start looking at the aspects of the after-college life. There are people who believe that it’s impossible to make a lot of money with just a Bachelor’s degree. That is not entirely true since there are many high-paying jobs you can actually nail.

There are students that simply know what they want to do, but the job they are into is not even enough to pay rent, food, and bills. That is the moment when they realize how important it is to find a profitable career, that is also to your likings. Medical professions are well-respected, high-earning and something that many students wish for. The problem behind these jobs is that they require many years of studying, insane finances and giving up on many things. We’re not saying that it’s a bad thing being a doctor, but it simply a job that requires sacrifices many are not willing to make. To avoid making life-changing mistakes, check out the list below for the best-paid after college jobs these days.

Investment Banker

It might not sound like the job you’ve always dreamed of, but it sure will bring money to your pocket. Financial bankers are rated high not only on the best-paid list but also on the most-wanted one. In other words, you will not only be studying for a very perspective career in finance, but you will find a job right after you earn the degree. If math and business are your strong suits, don’t think twice before choosing a college. Some will complain that it’s a very stressful profession, or about the long hours, but there isn’t a perfect job out there. The average first-year pay is around $110,000.

Software Developer

Software developers are currently among the top wanted jobs in the world. Staying up on your computer will sure bring a lot to the table once you’re done with college. This profession is very interesting, and will really stimulate all your cognitive skills. Graduates don’t have any problems in getting a job and they usually start off as junior developers. If you are good at what you’re doing, you will successfully become a senior one in no time. The best thing about it is that the demand of software developers doesn’t seem to slow down. They are needed everywhere, and when you find a company that you really like, you’ll be happy that you’ve made this choice. The average first-year pay is around $100,000.


The third top wanted profession at the moment for college graduates is an engineer. These graduates can find a field that they really like and get paid well at the same time. Engineers can focus on many different branches including electrical engineer, hardware, chemical, mechanical, civil, industrial and more. When you find the field that suits you, it won’t even feel like a job anymore. All of the jobs above require long nights of studying and hard-earned grades. But in the end, it’s all worth it. The starting salaries vary for all these branches, but there is plenty of space to grow. The average first-year pay is around $80,000.

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