Alternative Careers in Dentistry: 5 Non-clinical Career Options

Haveyou graduated or are soon to graduate from dental school? Afterfinishing school, not all dental students work in a clinical setting.More so, there are various alternative dental career options that youcan consider if the monotony of a clinical setting isn’t for you.

However,to enter these fields, most times you will need more than just your dentist bio.So do your research on the requirements of entry, and ensure that youhave the right qualifications. Sometimes, you may need additionaleducation.

Nevertheless,if it’s what the heart wants, then go for it. Below are the careeroptions you could venture into:

1.Dental Professor

Ifyou have a knack for teaching, this could be it for you. Combinedwith your flair for communication, you could work as a professor in adental school. Most institutions accept faculty members who havepractised dentistry for a particular number of years, or aconsiderable amount of experience.

Inthis role, you will be able to keep up to date with the developmentsin the field. Also, it allows you to brush up your knowledge, fromtime to time. Dedicated and competent educators help to preserve theexcellence observed in dental education.

Youwill aid in ensuring that the next generation has an adequate numberof health professionals. Also, in academic dentistry, you cancontribute to teaching, patient care, research, and communityservice.

2.Dental Consulting

Asyou go through different professionalbiography samples,you can think about a career as adental consultant. Practical experience and a degree in dentistrycould make you an eligible candidate. It is an opportunity for you touse and share your expertise.

Italso makes you more efficient and reliable in providing dentalconsulting services. You can choose to be self-employed or work in afirm that practices in general business consulting, in the sectionfor medical practice.

3.Forensic Dentistry

Itis an exciting and challenging field. You need to acquire theunderstanding of methods of handling evidence, and techniques forcriminal investigation. In this area of practice, you will dentalrecords to identify missing persons or human remains.

Youwill also use bite mark identification to help establish suspects. Itis a chance to work with law enforcement agencies. However, yourequire to get a certification from the American Board of ForensicOdontology.

4.Business Role

Insurancecompanies that deal with dental covers hire dentist as advisers forsettling and verifying claims. You will be working full-time as anin-house resource. You can also function as an administrator for adental professional association or products manufacturer.

Ifyou are good at selling, you can put your skills to use by working inthe sale of dental equipment and oral products. If your calling is in marketing, then there are positions available inoral health industries.


Open-mindedresearchers in the dental industry can help in generating newknowledge and developing new techniques in the field. All these areessential for scientific discoveries. The developments andinnovations in dentistry have improved the efficiency of dentalprofessionals and patient care.

Youcan also join the clinical research team in a company thatspecialises in dental hygiene products or pharmaceuticals. This jobcomes with much responsibility as you will have to be committed. Yourprimary duties will be testing products or medicine before they areallowed into the market.


Whateverpath you choose to take, be it clinical or non-clinical; it’sbetter to pick one that feels right to you. Find out the requirementsof entry and get the needed qualifications.

Itwill help your dentistbiographystand out from the rest.


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